Advice on how To Build Your Work Team with Sam Kahn

The most important thing to develop your business successfully, is to develop and maintain a team, says Sam Kahn. When you build a team, you are building the foundation for your success. 

Sam Kahn owns and operates Claiming4U and provides expert mis-sold pension claims services to individuals and business clients.

You need to make sure that your workgroup is filled with loyal and trustworthy people who are willing to work hard for you. This can be difficult but not impossible.

You need to make sure that your team members are properly compensated, and they should also be able to take pride in their work. This can also help with recruiting other people as well. 

When you promote your team members, you are encouraging them to share their knowledge with others and also motivate them to take on more projects. Make sure they understand the importance of spreading your message to as many people as possible. This will help with recruitment and will make it easier for them to do their job well.

There are tons of team-building exercises that work, but here’s a simple one that has been tried and true, says Sam Kahn, and will also keep you and your business continuously growing.

  • Give everyone on your team a list of 10 words without discussing it beforehand. Sometimes you need to brainstorm or get input from others on a particular project. In these situations, it can be helpful to give people a list of words to help generate ideas. This is an important process because it provides new and inventive ways to approach the task at hand.
  • After the list is distributed and the people have had a chance to write them down, ask your team to share their words out loud as they go around in a circle. Now that we have each person’s word, what does it mean to you? 
  • Ask everyone to talk about how they feel about the word they’ve shared and why it was included on their list. 
  •  Repeat steps 1 through 3 until you’ve gone through all 10 words on each person’s list, meaning that you’ll go through all 10 words once for each person before moving on to the next round; this should take about three or four rounds for most people.

The goal of this is to provide an insight on how to build a great work team.

  • Identify the weaknesses of your work team and try to address them.
  • Know what you are looking for in a new hire, and spend time by offering a listening ear and guidance.
  • Understand that it takes time to find the right person.

Sam Kahn goes into detail about how to build your team and why it is important. 

Start by doing some research to identify potential members of your team. The best fit for you may not necessarily be the best fit for someone else, so it’s important to find people who complement each other as much as possible. 

Spend some time getting to know potential candidates before hiring them, and use this opportunity to establish clear expectations from the get-go, says Sam Kahn.

There are many benefits to being an employer who hires an employee for life. The productivity of the company will increase because they will have someone who can handle any position that is needed and they do not have to worry about finding a replacement. 

The loyalty of the employee will also be higher because they are committed to the company and want to see it succeed.

Sam Kahn states that you need to “anticipate the questions that your team will have” to save time in the long run, as the level of help varies with each team member.

You need to know what you are going to ask everyone and take the time to do it. If you don’t know what questions you should be asking, then this is a sign that you should not have created the team or gone through with adding members. You wouldn’t want to add group members without talking with them first or knowing what they will be doing in the group.

Sam Kahn says “Every entrepreneur knows the struggle of finding and hiring the right team. There is always a shortage of people with the talent that we need to grow our company.”

The question is; how do we find those very few talented people? 

  • Find someone who can help generate ideas and think outside-the-box
  • Find someone who will be accountable for their work
  • Find someone who will support you in your journey

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, half of the small businesses today have fewer than 10 employees. Many founders say they’re reluctant to take on much more than 10 employees out of fear that their company will grow too quickly and lose its focus on one main idea.

This has led many companies to build teams with a culture around remote work, where employees often work remotely from different places at different times in order to collaborate and share ideas in an efficient way.

​​Some people say that recruiting is one of the most difficult aspects of entrepreneurism. This is because, as the name suggests, it entails finding the right person to join your company and accomplish their tasks.

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