Business Finance with Samuel Nathan Kahn

Sam Kahn has been part of multiple successful and not so successful businesses throughout his career. He is no stranger to the world of loss, Sam says “I remember a time when I had to say no to buying pens for the office”. 


Kahn, has always been a savvy businessman- starting from a young age he always enjoyed the adventure of business. Sam is no stranger to the world of pressure, not knowing how you will feed your family is a tough gig, especially when you are a family with 10 kids! 

Sam understands the financial struggle of growing families and startup businesses, Samuel Nathan Kahn from Manchester shares some of his experience below.


Cashflow Budgeting;

Sam believes that cashflow is king, he believes that keeping money in the bank is a crucial part of your business success. Kahn from Manchester says “most businesses fail because of cashflow problems, this means that putting a big emphasis on what you are spending on is crucial ”. There are many different saving techniques one says that you should spend 50% of your income on your obligations such as utilities and mortgage payments. The other 50% should be spent as follows: 20% should be saved and 30% should be on your entertainment, meaning if you earn £1000.00 you should take £500.00 for all your bills etc, then take £100.00 and put it in savings and £400.00 for your entertainment. This is similar for business, if you take £500.00 and pay your office bills and then take £100.00 and put it in the bank for saving and then take £400.00 and reinvest or spend this on marketing then this should help you stabilise your business. Some people prefer to take more as savings and some prefer to spend more, for example the rule above is the 50-30-20 rule some people prefer to follow the 70-20-10 rule. This is personal preference and whatever feels good to you at the time, the key is to ensure you are saving something personally and in business for a rainy day as well as investing in your life or business to encourage growth. 


Samuel Nathan Kahn, who lives in Manchester, UK, is a big supporter of growth, he believes that the best way to do business and grow is to expand rather than consolidate when in times of need- he says “its a bad business move to fire staff through struggle, this is not the way to hit your goals”. However, he does believe that sometimes just watching the small stuff or doing payments slowly and monthly can help save cashflow which in turn allows you to maintain the business the way it needs. Managing the way you spend sounds hard but once you start it is relatively easy. Just remember to try and do the following at least once a week:

  • Track your income vs your outgoing- keep a basic google sheet of this. It doesn’t have to be anything super fancy but just something you can easily monitor and update.
  • Monitor your expenses and what you really need– no point having a subscription to something if you do not need it- have what you need.
  • Invest wisely– marketing and branding is really important for your business so remember to invest in this as your business will not move without it.
  • Stay strong– It’s ok to have a bad month, it happens- just monitor the general business patterns and act accordingly.
  • Watch your cashflow- You don’t need that coffee machine right now, don’t just spend for the sake of it, if you can do cashflow projections then do this and if not then learn as these are really important for you to manage your cash. 


Sometimes learning to be creative can help you a lot, utilise your team creatively if you can, you don’t need 3 members to do the same job and you would be surprised at how talented most of your team are so give them more work rather than paying more wages. 


Remember to keep your cash safe, don’t put it all in one bank so that if you accidentally get yourself locked out you are not left with nothing. A good business decision cannot be made with struggling eyes so keep yourself calm with the rollercoaster ride you are on. As funny as it may sound when Samuel Kahn gets stressed this is what he says “I think to myself what is the worst thing that can happen, and then I ask myself and then what and by the end of the conversion with myself I realise that I would just pick myself back up and start again” as hard as that sounds that is Sams method, you will create your own that works for you. 


Sam believes that when it comes to progress, business, and life, especially when money is the driver for you. You need to have at least one person you can trust, someone you can talk to about it all and know they ‘have your back’ 100% of the time, even if you are not acting the way you should be. 


Samuel Nathan Kahn from Manchester learnt that patience and good planning is key to long term success.


What Is Success To Samuel Kahn?

Everyone’s idea of success is different. One’s success may reside in family, whilst another may be business or money. For others it may be all three. 

Samuel Kahn believes that success is having the right amount of money, health and intellect to use it wisely. Here is an in depth look at what success is to Samuel Nathan Kahn. 

Who Is Samuel Kahn?

Sam Kahn comes from a business oriented family and the art of trading is well and truly within his blood. Business was full throttle around the clock in his household. Having grown up around driven and successful people, Sam always had a good idea of what success was to him. 

At the young age of 13, Sam already had a gainful business of selling watches, amongst other things to his fellow classmates. With a spark and knack for selling, you could say Sam has always been a trader at heart. His area of expertise is assisting people who have been mis-led and suffered monetary losses. 

Success In His Career

Sam leads an incredibly driven team, who are like minded and constantly striving for the best possible outcomes. Being an expert in his field, Sam has built a successful business over the last 10 years. Not getting paid unless they get results is a sure fire way for sam to stay motivated and work hard on every single case. 

Sam believes there is nothing like the feeling of seeing clients receiving their money back. 

The money he earns from helping people get back what they thought they had lost forever, doesn’t compare to seeing the faces of the people he has helped. Success is an amazing gift.

What Is True Success?

Sam Kahn’s take on true success is the ability to build more so that he can help other people. Sam often says “helping people can be in many different ways and the way I like to help is to give to charity, and help give people the ability to earn success for themselves. Samuel encourages each and everyone of his team members to be the best that they can be to help not only the business grow but also themselves. 

He provides many opportunities for his employees to prosper and grow within the business. When one of the team members succeeds, they all succeed. Samuel sees potential in others and likes to provide them with valuable opportunities they may not have otherwise received. 

Success is subjective and can mean different things to different people. From success within business to money and family. There are many ways in which an individual can become successful. Samuel Kahn is a firm believer in having the right amount of money, health and intellect to use it wisely leads to infinite success.



An Insight Into Samuel Kahn’s fulfilling Career As A Regulated Claims Adjustor

Samuel Kahn, who resides in Manchester, England, operates a regulated claims management company. He has a great level of care for his local community. He has made a positive impact in many people’s lives from financial help to business opportunities to general guidance.

He is also well known for assisting disadvantaged families within his community. Here is an insight into Samuel Kahn’s fulfilling career as a regulated claims adjustor. 

His Purpose 

Samuel Kahn grew up within a business minded family. Morning, noon and night, there were talks about business in his household. When he was 13 he initiated his first business selling watches and other trinkets to friends at school. Being a trader was in his blood from the beginning and he jumped on every trend possible to earn some extra cash. 

Staying Productive

Samuel Kahn writes a daily to do list and the items that don’t get finished one day get transferred to the next. It may seem old fashioned but it works for him. He also utilises a Google diary with a handy alert system, steering clear of smartphones which he deems as a distraction. This gives him an extra two hours during the day where he can make the most of his productivity. 

He is awake by 6am each morning and doesn’t wind down until late into the evening. With back to back meetings, educational sessions and study each day, motivation and productivity is essential. Samuel Kahn prides himself as both a workaholic and family-holic, who still makes time to go to the synagogue multiple times a day. 

Bringing His Ideas To Life

Always happy to invest in his ideas, Samuel Kahn believes in test, test, test and test again. A turning point in his life was when he read ‘The Four Hour Work Week’ by Mr. Ferris’s. As a result of reading the bestseller he no longer has meetings for meetings sake. He doesn’t need an audience to appease his ego. 

He is now more selective of how he makes use of his time. Having agendas ready to go before he conducts a meeting, preparing points of action for afterwards and proactively booking in follow-up meetings. All of these things working together have the potential to lead to significant achievements.

His Business Growth Strategy

As an entrepreneur Samuel Kahn has always played fair even if it has cost him money. He puts himself in the shoes of others to try and understand how they would feel. He often reflects on a quote from Pretty Woman where Richard Gere said “let’s go build ships” instead of tearing down the company and taking their assets. More often than not you are able to build instead of destroy, you just need the determination to do it. 

Living by the key learnings, work hard, play hard, give hard, Samuel Kahn is a business owner that many within his community look up to. From constantly sharing his purpose to staying productive and actively bringing his ideas to life. His business growth strategy is a unique and successful one. The insight into Samuel Kahn’s career as a regulated claims adjustor is an inspiring one.