Sam Kahn On How To Build Customer Loyalty

Samuel Nathan Kahn owns and operates a regulated claims management business. Operating for over 19 years, he is well-known in the industry. His company has an excellent reputation for offering invaluable service to members of the Manchester community.

Sam Kahn is an expert on how to get customer loyalty. 

“A business cannot survive without loyal customers,” says Sam Kahn.

Customer loyalty is the foundation of any successful business. It’s important to understand what drives your customers, what they want and how they want it delivered to them. This ensures that you are providing value that they are willing to pay for.

Sam Kahn, has outlined three essential steps for any business looking to build customer loyalty: 

  1. Whenever customers contact you, take the time to listen and understand their needs. 
  2. Keep them engaged with quick, frequent and personalised communication.
  3. Create a sense of belonging with your customer and make sure they feel appreciated.

These skills gain the confidence of your customers. Customer is always looking for a company that they can trust. Sam Kahn wants his customers to know that the company does what it says, and provides them with the best service possible

What does it take to inspire loyalty? There are many factors that go into it, including quality of service, but also personality and attitude. The key thing is providing a consistently enjoyable experience for each customer, every time they interact with your business.

With the rise in customer expectations, individuals and businesses are looking for ways to provide personalised service.


Samuel Nathan Kahn on Growing up in Manchester UK

Samuel Nathan Kahn “Loves challenges,” a man of victory who has gained worldwide recognition with his unique talent.

Samuel Nathan Kahn is the founder and operator of a regulated claims management firm that operates in Manchester, UK. He has been a professional public speaker for over 30 years and has spoken at conferences all around the world. 

He specialises in how to negotiate with insurance companies; “How To Turn Insurance Companies From Your Enemies Into Your Friends”.

Insurance companies can sometimes be confusing and frustrating to deal with. Claims are usually handled by claims handling agents and not your friendly neighbourhood agent. Find out how you can manage your claim. Management, Making Insurers Work For You.

Samuel and his family have always been, what can be described as, “business orientated”. 

This started for Samuel Nathan Kahn at the age of 13, he started his business journey selling watches to classmates. Sam has always been a trader at heart. He had made a name for himself selling watches at his school, later expanding to selling watches to friends and family. Now, as a 20-year-old business owner, he still finds it easy to make deals with people because of his small business experience.

Living in Manchester United Kingdom he has experienced an abundance of knowledge and admits he still learns new things each and every day.

Manchester is a bustling, metropolitan city. The city is home to a number of different types of people and cultures. He has seen and experienced a lot, but there will always be more to learn, says, Samuel Nathan Kahn. 

As a prominent member of the Jewish community in Prestwich, he is the go-to person to offer advice to others. He has been a public figure in Prestwich since the early 1990s. He is a founder member of the Prestwich Jewish Association. He is also a patron of several local organisations, such as the Manchester Federation of Jewish Communities.


“A successful businessman is one that creates wealth as well as helps others,” says Sam Kahn.

Samuel Nathan Kahn is a great example of this. He’s supportive of local charities and helping needy families in his local community, depending on the level of need. This could be providing a listening ear, guidance, or financial aid.

How can an entrepreneur take advantage of their time? Get tips from Samuel Nathan Kahn by checking out his website. He offers advice on entrepreneurship, in addition to many other topics. 

Find ways to put your time to good use, by looking into the following: Take your lunch break to brainstorm and do some marketing for your business. Write a blog to share your expertise with the world. 

Volunteering on a nonprofit board, so you can feel like you’re making a difference without actually having to work yourself too hard.

Sam Kahn might describe himself as a workaholic, but he still manages to find time for his family. This is because he has great time management skills.

Sam Kahn puts a lot of work into his family’s future which reflects in the work he does and the people he supports. He will do anything for his children, even if it means giving up on some things himself.

Effective time management skills are crucial in the workforce. They allow you to spend quality time with your family and enjoy your day-to-day activities.

He looks forward to continuing to focus on business and family, as well as creating more opportunities that will positively affect his local Manchester community. 

“Kahn feels so thankful to have been surrounded by all the people that have stood by his side helping him achieve this amazing company.

I believe that I was able to provide my team with a platform for success. My leadership should have made a difference. I hope it did and I can help them to continue building upon the success we have now.

 “I am extremely proud of the team that we have built here, and we are continuously growing.


Samuel Nathan Kahn On How Exercise Makes You A Better Businessman

Samuel Nathan Kahn is a strong believer in taking care of yourself physically and mentally, so you can continue to be the best version of yourself possible. 


There are almost endless reasons you should be keeping yourself physically active, but a big one is that it actually helps you run a business more effectively.


Physical exercise comes with many benefits that help you gain skills that are important when you own and operate a business. 

Boosts Energy

Consistent exercise is shown to boost both your mental and physical energy levels


Sam Kahn is a self proclaimed workaholic, and so he is all too familiar with the need for energy. When he isn’t working at his office in Manchester, UK, he is normally helping his local community, spending time with his family, or studying his faith. 


By exercising, he gives himself an all too important energy boost. Many business owners are working all different hours of the day, so energy is an important resource. 


Improve Your Cognitive Abilities 

Running a business requires your brain to run at a million miles per hour. It’s important that you’re switched on and alert.


Sam Nathan Kahn uses exercise to help improve his cognitive abilities. Exercise is shown to help improve alertness and concentration. It can help you stay focussed, improve your memory and even make you a faster learner. 

Helps You Get In A Creative Zone

Coming up with new ideas and solving problems can take a lot of creative thinking. Sam Kahn likes to use exercise as a way to get into this creative zone. 


Sometimes when he is stuck on a problem or idea, he will take a quick walk to get his heart rate up and help his thoughts flow more clearly. 

Helps Increase Productivity

By being able to stick to a regular exercise routine, you can help improve your time management skills, and therefore your productivity. 


Sam Kahn likes to ensure that he is following a strict schedule, as every minute in his day is valuable time. 

Increases Confidence 

One of the most important things about running a business is being confident. Exercise makes you feel good, and can boost your confidence.

Samuel Nathan Kahn feels more confident when he is regularly exercising, and this helps drive him to succeed in his industry. 


You can read more about Sam Kahn and his story at his website, here. 


Sam Kahn On How To Motivate Your Employees

Sam Kahn is no stranger to managing people and relationships. When running a business, this can quickly become complicated and difficult, so it’s important to have the right tools to keep your team members motivated. 


Samuel Nathan Kahn operates his business in Manchester, UK, and likes to try different ways of helping his employees feel motivated throughout the work day. 


Today, Sam wants to share with you the things he does to keep energy levels high in his office. 

Share positive feedback 

Sam Kahn understands that sometimes it’s the most basic things that can help employees feel motivated and ready to work. 


Simple things like saying thank you can be a lot more important than many people think. 


People like to know when they’ve done a good job at something, because they feel more appreciated. If they feel like they’re doing thankless work, they will feel a lot less good and motivated to complete that work. 


If they know their work is appreciated, they are much more likely to want to complete it, and often to a higher standard. 

Be flexible when possible 

While it is important that your employees stick to deadlines and complete their work in the expected timeframe, it’s also important to be flexible when possible. 

If the day is slow and your employee has a family commitment, letting them leave to deal with that is going to create a much more positive work environment, and have them feeling more motivated to work. 


People can lose motivation if they’re in an environment that has no flexibility or consideration for personal commitments. 


Sam Kahn says that many bosses believe being flexible will lead employees to take advantage of the system. But often, it can actually achieve the opposite. They respect you more, and want to work harder because you show them compassion and understanding. 

Create mutually respectful relationships 

When you show your employees respect, you are facilitating a much more positive professional relationship. 


People don’t thrive when you talk down to them and behave condescendingly. By asking for their opinion on different topics, you are giving them the opportunity to showcase their skills, and feel empowered in their role. 


Sam Nathan Kahn believes that showing your employees respect is one of the best things you can do to keep them feeling motivated. 

Give people a space to safely communicate 

Your employees should feel comfortable being able to come to you with questions and issues, without feeling like they can’t. 


Asking for honest feedback, and letting your team members express their truthful opinions is a great way to cultivate a strong working relationship. 

Let your employees set goals

Including your employees in your goal setting process can make them feel more involved in the journey, and more engaged in completing that goal.

Samuel Kahn believes that rather than telling an employee a goal, you should let them help set the goals. 

Give growth opportunities

Whether it’s further learning or training opportunities, if your team members have something to work towards, they are going to feel more motivated.


People don’t like to feel like they are stuck in their role, and like they have no upward mobility.


By giving them growth opportunities, you will help give them something to strive for. Sam Kahn believes this is key in keeping employees motivated at work. 


Sam Kahn is a professional claims adjustor, running his own business in Manchester, UK. 

You can read more about Sam here. 


Samuel Kahn On How To Follow An Agenda

Sam Nathan Kahn is a professional claims adjuster who owns and operates his business in Manchester, UK. 

Through his decades as a businessman, Sam Kahn has developed a keen mind for business, including how to hold meetings and set agendas. 


He’s a big believer in agenda’s, even if it means just writing it down on a post-it note. By using agendas he can ensure he covers everything that is needed in a meeting, and also keep the team on track and focussed.


We’ve all been in those meetings where people go off topic and suddenly you are wondering what the point of it was in the first place. This can lead to wasted time and a lack of productivity. 


In order for you to help keep your meetings more structured and on track, Samuel Kahn has compiled a list of tips to help you hold more productive and efficient meetings for your business. 

Let your team prepare beforehand 

Depending on the topic of your meeting, it’s a good idea to let your team know beforehand. This way your employees can prepare any information that they might need. 

This also gives them time to understand each topic and prepare their thoughts. 

Include relevant team members

Scheduling a team meeting can be difficult when taking into consideration everyone’s different timetables, so you want to make sure that the topics are relevant to all of your employees. 


This way you can keep people engaged, and can avoid having someone sitting in when they really aren’t needed. Employees can find this frustrating when it eats into their time, especially when things are under the pump. 

Make the purpose clear

Having a clear purpose for your meeting can help make it 10 times more productive, because your team members know what their task is. 


It could be to share information, discuss a decision, problem solve, or come to an agreement. 


If your employees don’t know what they are meant to be doing, it can be hard for them to understand what you want from them. 


If you just want them to listen and learn, it’s important to make that clear. If you are looking for input, then you should state that as well. 

Set a realistic time 

Without setting a time for your meeting, you can end up taking a lot longer to get things done. However if you set a time that is too short, you may end up rushing through things and leaving important things out.

You want to try and set a realistic timeframe based on what you need to cover in your agenda. 


Samuel Nathan Kahn says “When I start a meeting I tend to have my agenda in front of me and I take my watch off and put it in front of me. This keeps me on the ball and to the point.”

End on a clear goal and follow through

It’s all well and good to have a meeting and talk about things, but you need to make sure that you have a strong plan to implement what you have discussed. 


Leave your employees with a strong and clear direction, so no one is confused about what needs to happen. 


You also need to follow up with people. Sam Kahn says “There’s not much point doing a production meeting if you are not going to follow everything up.”


Samuel Kahn has years of experience in successfully running a business. He likes to help young entrepreneurs in his local Manchester, UK community. 

You can learn more about Sam Kahn, and read his tips and advice at his website, here.


Samuel Nathan Kahn on How To Set Attainable Business Goals

Samuel Nathan Kahn is no stranger to the trials and tribulations of trying to set attainable goals. Goals are an incredibly important part of running a successful business, and they can help you take control of the direction your business is headed. 


Sam Kahn runs a claims management company in Manchester, UK, and uses goals as a tool to motivate his employees and set targets to work towards.


They help give you a clear focus, and give you something to aspire to. 


However if your goals aren’t attainable, it can have the opposite effect. Your employees can end up feeling unmotivated, with a lower self esteem because they can’t achieve the tasks set out. 


Having a well defined, clear goal increases your chances of achieving those targets you are after. 


Samuel Kahn has a few tips to help you set better goals for yourself and your business. 

Setting Attainable Goals

Setting goals has been psychologically linked with higher motivation, self-esteem, self-confidence and autonomy. Research shows that there is a strong connection between goal-setting and success. 


In order to achieve this positive effect, it is shown that the best goals are ones that are attainable. 


There are a few key tips that can help you set more attainable goals. 


  • Your goals should be clearly defined, and not overly complicated
  • Establish both a short-term and long-term strategy 
  • You want to aim high, but still be achievable
  • Set goals that align with your business’ values and overall vision – you want your team to work together to achieve them 


Aim For Short and Long Term

Having both short term and long term goals is a great way to make sure that you still have attainable and achievable goals, while also allowing you to plan ahead for the future. 


You can have smaller weekly or monthly goals that are a bit easier to achieve. This can improve morale, and have your employees working together more frequently. 


When you achieve these goals, you can feel more confident and prepared to tackle the next goal on your list. 


Your longer term goals can help you stay on the right track, and make sure you don’t lose sight of what you want to achieve. 


By having both, your long term goals won’t feel like they’re looming over you. Instead of dreading not completing them, you can still feel fulfilled by completing your short term goals along the way. 


By using both, you are more likely to get the desired results. 

Set SMART goals

SMART goals was a term created by George Doran in 1981 as a part of a management research paper. 


It has become one of the most popular ways to set goals, due to its lasting effectiveness. 


Using this method can help you set the best goals: 


  • Specific (simple, sensible, significant) 
  • Measurable (meaningful, motivate) 
  • Achievable (agreed, attainable) 
  • Realistic (Relevant, reasonable, resourced, results-based)
  • Time bound (time-based, time limited, time-sensitive)


While this method isn’t entirely perfect, it is a great starting point for setting the best goals for your business. When you create goals, you can look at them from each of these steps to make sure that you are giving yourself the best chance of succeeding. 


Sam Kahn is a big believer in goal and objective setting. He has used similar strategies in his business to reach the success he has now. Setting goals as a team can be a great way to bond, and keep everyone on the same page. 


By working together to reach these goals, you can find other benefits for your business. If you want to read more of Sam Kahn’s thoughts, you can explore his website here.


Sam Kahn on Why Attention to Detail is Important

Working as a professional regulated claims adjustor in Manchester, UK, Sam Kahn understands better than anyone why attention to detail is important.


Attention to detail can help you produce the best work possible, while also helping you avoid disastrous errors. 

What is attention to detail?

Attention to detail refers to a person’s thoroughness in accomplishing a task accurately, no matter how small. 


Someone who has good attention to detail monitors and checks their work and information, and plans and organises their time and resources so that they can consistently finish work efficiently. 


Obviously, this is a great skill to have when working in business, as it can help you be more productive, and minimise extra work. 


Samuel Nathan Kahn likes to train his employees and himself to have good attention to detail. 


Why is this important?

No matter what role you are working in, you can benefit from training yourself to pay attention to the smaller things. 


Employees who are trained in this way are more likely to present themselves professionally, and represent the company in a favourable light. Even when completing simple tasks like writing in documents, it helps to be able to notice small details such as grammar and spelling mistakes. 


This attention to detail is especially important for roles where an error can be detrimental to your business. 


Sam Kahn works in the financial sector, so having this keen sense for the little details can be a real game changer. Picking up on the little things that others miss can make or break a case. 


When working in a busy environment such as Manchester UK, it helps to be able to stand out from your competition by noticing the small things. 

How to improve attention to detail 

A person’s attention to detail is often something that they are either naturally good at, or bad at. However, there are a few things that you can do to improve this! 


Some tips to help you train yourself in this skill include: 


  • Avoid multitasking – having your attention on multiple things at once can lead to less attention being paid to each individual task
  • Remove distractions – when we are distracted we are more likely to miss things and make mistakes
  • Take breaks – you don’t want to overwork yourself, make sure you take the time to give your brain a break so you can come back more refreshed and ready to focus
  • Reduce excess screen time – too much time on your phone and other screens is shown to reduce your attention span 
  • Set a schedule – organisation is a great way to prepare yourself for your tasks


Samuel Kahn believes that organisation is key to running any business successfully. Without set schedules in place, things quickly fall apart, and people make errors. 


If you want to read more of Sam Kahn’s thoughts, you can explore his website here.


Sam Kahn on Making Time For Family as a Business Owner

Sam Kahn is incredibly family and community oriented. He currently lives in Manchester, UK, and is well known in his area as a loving husband and a father of 10. 


He also owns and operates a claims management company. Combine that with trying to raise a family, and you have a lot on your plate. 


It can be incredibly difficult running a business, and raising a family, so when you are doing both you may end up burning out. 

Make time for family everyday

It’s important to make time for your family every single day. You may be thinking that’s impossible at first glance, but it’s going to help you balance things in the long run. 


Even if it’s just 30 minutes you set aside each day exclusively for your family, it can do you a world of wonder. 


You can set this time aside at dinner, breakfast or any time that works for you and your family. 

How to maximise family time

Sam Kahn believes that it’s important to make sure that you are spending quality time with your family, which is why he encourages his employees to prioritise their families. 


If they need to leave early to be with them, that’s okay, so long as they are prepared to prioritise work when it matters. 


To help you maximise your family time, here are some tips: 

  1. Schedule your work for when your family is busy

As a business owner, you should be able to be flexible with your work. Scheduling your work for when your family is also busy is a great way to make sure that you can line up.


  1. Block out time specifically for your family

Putting some boundaries in place in your schedule can go a long way in ensuring that your family time is honoured. Scheduling your family downtime can help you make sure that all of your tasks and responsibilities are completed before you go and enjoy some carefree time with your loved ones.


  1. Work smarter, not harder

By organising your time better, you can make sure that you have a schedule that allows you to be with your family when they need you.

Set Strong Agendas

As the business owner it is your responsibility to organise your workplace so that things flow smoothly, and your employees are on track to complete everything necessary within the day. 


Sam Kahn is a big believer in agenda’s, even if it means using a post-it note to write the agenda  on. Sam likes to follow the agenda so that he does not go over time and also covers everything that is needed in meetings.


“There is nothing worse than going into a meeting and having things you need to discuss, but you miss it all and talk about the snow,” Sam says. 


“When I start a meeting I tend to have my agenda in front of me and I take my watch off and put it in front of me. This keeps me on the ball and to the point.”

Sam believes it’s also important to follow up with your coworkers when it comes to these agendas. 


“There’s not much point to doing a production meeting if you are not going to follow everything up.” He says/ 


Sam Kahn believes that just following a clean agenda and doing the relevant follow-up should give you the basis to create, manage and achieve the success you want out of life. 


By setting a strong and clear agenda, you can better organise your day. It leaves you with more wiggle room for family time. 


If you want to read more of Sam Kahn’s thoughts, you can explore his website here.


Sam Kahn on Chasing Your Business Goals

When it comes to achieving your goals in business, you need to be proactive. You need to be prepared to go after what you want and stop at nothing – within reason – to achieve it. 

There are many budding entrepreneurs out there who will inevitably give up when it gets too hard. The mark of a truly successful businessman is the ability to push forward when things get tough. 

If you are too weak-willed and give in to pressure, you won’t be suited to a career in a fast-paced business environment. 

You need to respond well to criticism and rejection, and learn how to advocate for yourself and your company. 

Samuel Nathan Kahn has been a successful businessman for decades, and he knows how to bounce back when things fail. 

Sam Kahn talks to many young entrepreneurs through his daily life. He suggests that if they want to see a lengthy and successful career like his own, they need to be prepared to keep going when they fail. 

Samuel Kahn has a simple saying about the business, “If you don’t ask, you don’t get!” 

You need to be bold and willing to demand what you need. If you shy away from negotiating, you will never get what you deserve.

If you never ask for what you want, you will be left with nothing. 

Sam Kahn admires people who chase their own success, not letting themselves be deterred by the many barriers and obstacles that life throws their way. 

You need the tenacity and the strength of character to not only survive in the world of business but to thrive. 


Samuel Nathan Kahn is a professional regulated claims adjustor based in Manchester, UK. If you want to learn more about his business, and how he can help you, visit his website here. 


Samuel Khan’s Advice To The Younger Generation

Samuel Kahn has learnt many valuable lessons throughout his lengthy career and time as a successful business owner. He understands that when starting out as a budding entrepreneur there are always going to be difficult times along the way. He knows the importance of remembering your ‘why’ and being inspired by others. 


A piece of advice that he offers to the younger generation is to not make the same mistakes as he did. Samuel Kahn is open with the mistakes that he has made in his business life, in hopes that he is, in turn, able to assist the new wave of entrepreneurs. He looks at true success as working smart and hard and ensuring you follow up when required. 


Many young entrepreneurs have already formed certain opinions and attitudes towards the world of business but Sam suggests not to reject the individuals in your life that are sent to you. After all, they have been brought to you for a reason. 

Therefore it is important to work or collaborate with them to establish whether they were sent for you to achieve, learn or be provided with an important lesson. It is essential to note that you may not always like the lesson but there was a reason that you needed to learn it at a particular moment in time. Constantly learning allows you the opportunity to grow and prosper within the business sector. 

Many people have impacted Samuel Nathan Kahn’s journey to success. He has learnt lessons such as how to implement fairness, who and when to trust and not being scared of the all too common ‘what if’ intrusive thoughts. At the end of the day, everyone has the potential to teach you lessons but it’s about listening to what you are faced with in order to succeed. 

Sam is under no illusion that if he hadn’t encountered certain individuals, he would never have reached the level of success that he is at right now. There are many people who have made an incredible difference in both his life and business. He knows that it is now his responsibility to pass on this knowledge to budding entrepreneurs who are the next generation of successful business owners. 

Sam Kahn understands the importance of setting up the next generation of business owners for success. That is why he constantly shares his stories as well as the mistakes and wins he has achieved during his time in business. He hopes to help others the way that he has been assisted so generously in the past. Visit his website here to learn more about his experiences within business and entrepreneurship.