Samuel Kahn On Why He First Got Into Business

Samuel Kahn gets a thrill from negotiating a good deal, therefore venturing into the world of business was a given for him. From a young age, his entrepreneurial nature shone through selling watches in the school playground. Business has always been in every breath and fibre of Sam’s being. He truly believes that it was one of his main callings in life. Business, his family and his religion all play major roles in his success.


Sam thrives when he is talking to different people, whether it be clients, employees or business partners. He enjoys the unique, exciting and fun conversations and connections he is able to experience at this level. Like many business owners, he still feels nervous attending new meetings, with the outcome providing an element of mystery and excitement. He loves hitting the road in anticipation of what his workday has to offer. 


Sam has been lucky enough to work with some incredibly talented and inspiring people during his lengthy career. Many he has learnt life long lessons from that he hopes to teach others. Others have positively impacted his journey in the world of business and have led him to ultimate success. He has learnt that everyone can provide valuable lessons but it is important to listen to what is being put in front of you. 


He understands the importance of helping others less fortunate than himself and has helped many people in business move forward through financial support and guidance. It has always been a goal of Sam’s to help others and watch people’s lives transform. Providing opportunities is one of his favourite things about running a business and is a great driving force for him. 


Sam thinks that there is nothing better than watching people move forward in both their lives and business. Even with the struggles that business owners face, he has seen many continue through and make it work. He has not only relished in his own business pursuits but has loved being part of other entrepreneurs journeys as well. 

When it comes to business everyone has their unique and individual ‘why’. Some may be after flexibility or increased freedom, whilst others like Sam may have a passion for helping others reach their full potential. To learn more about Samuel Nathan Kahn and why business runs through his veins, visit his website.


How Religion Influenced Samuel Kahn’s Business

For Samuel Kahn religion actively teaches him to have faith and a belief in something that he can not see. Over the years it has taught him the art of patience and understanding. Taking part in religious activities gives Sam the belief that he is being looked after and protected. These are all aspects and qualities that he is then able to translate into his career as a successful business owner. Here is how religion has influenced the way that Samuel Kahn runs his business.


Having faith and trust has assisted Sam to make the right decisions within his business and has always reminded him to give back just as much as he has received himself. His religion is a consistent reminder that giving to those less fortunate is truly important. 


Each and every day Sam reflects on his daily actions through both morning and evening prayers. This is a time where he is able to identify the areas of his life and business where there is room for improvement and growth. A time that teaches him ongoing lessons through learning the Torah. His religion assists with the identification of new viewpoints, which provides plenty of food for thought. All of which helps Samuel Kahn to develop his business with innovative and unique ideas. 


One of Sam’s hobbies is learning new things, which he is able to do through religious learning as well as within his career. He takes part in a lot of religious learning and open debates on a number of different religious topics. He always finds it intriguing and fun to engage in new viewpoints and seeing things from different perspectives.


Knowing the importance of giving back to his team members, Samuel Kahn enjoys taking the opportunity to motivate his team through incentives where possible. One of the best strategies he implements regularly is holding competitions and providing incentives to reward initiative and hard work. After all, everyone likes the opportunity to be extrinsically rewarded and Sam finds this one of the best ways that he is able to give back to his team. 


Samuel Kahn has integrated his religion into every aspect of his life, including his business. The values that he lives by, such as faith, trust and discipline, have all led to Sam running a highly successful business. He has the patience, persistence and faith to achieve everything that he desires within his career. Religion and business are closely interlinked for Sam and will continue to influence each and every part of his personal and professional journey. To discover more about Samuel Nathan Kahn’s life achievements visit his website here


Samuel Khan’s Advice To The Younger Generation

Samuel Kahn has learnt many valuable lessons throughout his lengthy career and time as a successful business owner. He understands that when starting out as a budding entrepreneur there are always going to be difficult times along the way. He knows the importance of remembering your ‘why’ and being inspired by others. 


A piece of advice that he offers to the younger generation is to not make the same mistakes as he did. Samuel Kahn is open with the mistakes that he has made in his business life, in hopes that he is, in turn, able to assist the new wave of entrepreneurs. He looks at true success as working smart and hard and ensuring you follow up when required. 


Many young entrepreneurs have already formed certain opinions and attitudes towards the world of business but Sam suggests not to reject the individuals in your life that are sent to you. After all, they have been brought to you for a reason. 


Therefore it is important to work or collaborate with them to establish whether they were sent for you to achieve, learn or be provided with an important lesson. It is essential to note that you may not always like the lesson but there was a reason that you needed to learn it at a particular moment in time. Constantly learning allows you the opportunity to grow and prosper within the business sector. 


Many people have impacted Samuel Nathan Kahn’s journey to success. He has learnt lessons such as how to implement fairness, who and when to trust and not being scared of the all too common ‘what if’ intrusive thoughts. At the end of the day, everyone has the potential to teach you lessons but it’s about listening to what you are faced with in order to succeed. 


Sam is under no illusion that if he hadn’t encountered certain individuals, he would never have reached the level of success that he is at right now. There are many people who have made an incredible difference in both his life and business. He knows that it is now his responsibility to pass on this knowledge to budding entrepreneurs who are the next generation of successful business owners. 


Sam Kahn understands the importance of setting up the next generation of business owners for success. That is why he constantly shares his stories as well as the mistakes and wins he has achieved during his time in business. He hopes to help others the way that he has been assisted so generously in the past. Visit his website here to learn more about his experiences within business and entrepreneurship.


Utilising The Online Space With Samuel Nathan Kahn

Successful business owner Samuel Nathan Kahn knows from first-hand experience that the number of customers found online is a much larger group than the ones he is able to attract locally. With the assistance of digital marketing agency Englander Davis, Sam Kahn reaches a wider audience in both a cost-effective and measurable way. 

There are many benefits to online marketing including the ability to interact with both your prospects and customers. The online space gives you the opportunity to connect with your audience and learn exactly what they are looking for. 

Leading a busy life Samuel Nathan Kahn has learnt that true success is through working smart and hard and ensuring that he follows up when required. He allows other people to help build his business in areas that he is not the strongest in. This is especially true when dealing with the digital space. Here is how having an online presence has supported Samuel Nathan Kahn. 

Postponing The Inevitable 

Sam Kahn has experienced many small business owners that have chosen to postpone putting time and effort into digital marketing. All with various excuses or reasons to avoid this type of marketing. Some even think that the best strategy for them is to simply wait for customers to show up. Sam Kahn knows that this isn’t an effective approach from what he has seen, as there is no guarantee that your business will attract enough customers to be profitable. 

Prospects Are Utilising The Online Space

Customers and prospects have been utilising the online space for quite some time and Content Marketers have the skills and knowledge to attract them. Samuel Kahn understands the importance of recruiting a digital marketing agency, such as Englander Davis to perform the digital tasks that he simply doesn’t have time for himself. 

In today’s day and age, the first thing people do is research online and see what they can find out about your business. When they do so they expect to find a website and a Social Media presence. If prospective customers can’t find you online, there is a good chance that they will take their business elsewhere. 

Whilst Englander Davis takes care of the digital marketing component of Samuel Kahn’s business he is able to consistently grow and expand in his own field. Sam Kahn understands the importance of delegating tasks both internally and externally. Digital marketing has supported Samuel Nathan Kahn during his many years in business and it has positively impacted each and every aspect of his professional career. 

To learn more about Samuel Nathan Kahn’s career in business, check out his website here.

Press Release

Samuel Kahn From Manchester UK – A Successful Businessman Shares His Insights On Identifying Business Opportunities For Emerging Entrepreneurs

Manchester, October: The future belongs to the entrepreneurs. We are in an era of entrepreneurship, in which people are leaving their 9-5 job to launch a business of their own. With the digital world booming to new heights, the young generation is driven to create income, with more freedom and flexibility. In the pursuit of entrepreneurship, Manchester-based businessman Samuel Kahn has earned his name among the most intelligent entrepreneurs.

From an early age, Samuel Kahn wanted to be his own boss. He entered the business world at the age of 13 by selling watches and other trinkets to his friends at school. From then on, he started to explore more sources of income and his regulated claims management company is a result of his great success within his business career. 

We asked successful businessman Samuel Kahn to share his insights for young entrepreneurs in identifying business opportunities.

“The easiest way to identify a business opportunity is to see what is already selling or working”, says Samuel Kahn. “To find the best selling products, all it takes is a simple Google search. You can filter through the product reviews on the shopping or website pages and find out what are the best sellers. This way you can see what is already working and see how you can innovate the ideas for yourself.”

Samuel Kahn says, “Finding a solution to a current and already existing problem is also a great way to identify potential business opportunities”. Just look at your life, and if you are unable to find a solution to a problem that you may be faced with, then you could use your initiative and create one. Since the problem doesn’t have any solution other than yours, you can enjoy a monopoly on the business.”

Samuel Kahn’s favourite way of finding business opportunities is to look for industries where you can cut out the middle man. A good example of this is OTT platforms, where they have eliminated the need for theatres to watch the latest movies. If you can figure out a way to eliminate the middleman, you’re well on your way to creating a viable business opportunity.

Another important area that Samuel Kahn advises you to look at is venture capital funds. Do some research and find which startups are getting the majority of funds and see if there is a trend. If you can see a recurring trend in a particular industry, that is a great indicator that the industry has high growth.

A Final Word From Samuel Kahn

“I’ve seen many people succeed by utilizing these strategies. To get started, it is essential to create an action plan and adhere to it. While trying to set up your own business streams, it’s easy to put off the tasks, but keep in mind that each delay results in a loss of revenue – both when you’re awake, and also while asleep”.


What Is Samuel Kahn Passionate About?

Like many individuals, Samuel Kahn regularly engages in a variety of topics and activities that he is passionate about. He understands that life is all about finding the right balance to suit your personal needs and implements different activities within his daily life accordingly. Always loving the thrill of a new venture, here is what Samuel Kahn is passionate about.

Sam’s main passions in life are his business, family, religion and piano to which he dedicates a large proportion of his time to. In business, he loves to challenge himself and expand his knowledge within the claims management industry. He finds the perspectives of different individuals interesting and eye-opening. 

One of Sam’s favourite things about running his own business is the deals he is able to make. He enjoys hitting the road to attend meetings, getting to meet interesting people and taking part in some fun negotiations. The sales part is a highlight at this level. Sam still gets nervous when going into meetings but he knows that it is all part of the thrill!

Sam Kahn’s religion plays a major role in his everyday life, taking part in morning and evening prayers as well as teaching Shiur on Thursday nights and attending his local synagogue regularly. Committed to expanding his knowledge, he loves taking part in religious learning and conducts religious debates on various topics. Sam takes great pleasure in seeing things from new angles and embracing differing viewpoints. 

As much as Samuel Kahn loves to take part in these proactive and demanding passions, he also looks forward to his downtime on Shabbat. Sam has a flair for music and very much relishes playing the piano when he gets the chance. Being a businessman with a large family, he jumps at every opportunity he gets to pursue his creative talents. 

Samuel Kahn understands that purpose can guide life decisions, shape goals and offer a sense of direction. For Sam, his purpose and passions are connected to a vocation as well as religious beliefs and family life. Purpose and passions are unique for everyone and have the ability to shift as priorities.


How to Create Positive Change in the World by Samuel Nathan Kahn Manchester UK

During his life, Samuel Nathan Kahn has been lucky enough to encounter many individuals that have positively impacted him and assisted him on his journey to success. He believes that everyone has the ability to teach us lessons; we just have to listen to what we are being confronted with. Understanding the importance of learning from others, Sam Kahn has made it his mission to create positive change in his local community and beyond.

Sam Kahn is under no illusions that if certain people didn’t enter his life, he would not have achieved the level of success that he has today. Leaving an imprint in both his life and business. Here is how to create positive change in the world with Samuel Nathan Kahn. 

Being devoted to his religion, Sam Kahn has learnt many ways to positively impact people’s lives. His religion has taught him to have faith and believe in something that you won’t always see. Through his faith, he has been taught the art of patience and understanding for all beings and situations that he is faced with. 

Sam’s belief system instils the sense of being looked after and protected, helping him make conscious decisions within both his personal and professional life. Reminding him to give back to those less fortunate than himself, especially disadvantaged families within his local community. Whether that be knowledge, monetary or opportunities that those individuals would not have otherwise received. 

Sam continuously reflects on his daily actions through both morning and evening prayers. Regularly being taught important lessons not only from the world around him but also through the Torah. For example, every part of his religious life brings him new viewpoints and plenty of food for thought. He puts his ability to develop his claims management company with innovative and unique ideas down to having a strong faith and constantly learning from those around him. 

He knows that time is a precious commodity and giving it to a worthy cause creates positive change. He does this through 1-1 meetings to help where possible, he holds these at his home or in the office. Regularly holding dinners, Shiur and gatherings within the community in hopes to change people’s lives for the better. 

Samuel Nathan Kahn is leading the way when it comes to initiating beneficial learning opportunities within his local area. There are many ways to influence positive changes within a community including learning from others, practising your faith, giving back to others and taking part in regular reflections. There are many ways to create positive change in the world and the best way is to just start.