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Samuel Nathan Kahn

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Owns and operates a claims management business. I’ve become quite an expert in this area over the last ten years and have become successful, as well. Now, because I’ve done well out of it, thanks to the profit I get as a result.

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Samuel’s family has always been business orientated. Even from a young age, Sam remembers it was always business, business, business, weekends, evenings it was always business.

This set a spark off in Samuel and at the age of 13, he started his business journey selling watches to classmates. You could even say it’s in his blood, Sam has always been a trader at heart.

Samuel’s industry Specialises in guiding people who have been misleading and lost money. This could be due to inexperienced financial advisors or even false information, whatever the case may be, your best interests didn’t come first.

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My Expertise Area

Organized Workplace
Negotiation Skills
Team Building
Management Control
Analytical Skill
Attention to Detail
Evaluating Others
Goal and Objective Setting

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