Sam Kahn The Balance Between Business & Family

Sam Kahn, a successful entrepreneur who owns and operates a regulated claims management company  Claiming4U in the Manchester community UK, shares his experiences as an entrepreneur and a father. He discusses the balance between family and business life.

It helps that Samuel’s family has always been very business-orientated. Even when Sam was a child, he remembers it was all about work: work, work, work, evenings and weekends were always about the same.

With a background in business, Samuel started selling watches to classmates when he was 13. His enthusiasm for trading has been there since childhood and it reflects in his current business. “I think trading is an instinctual part of human nature that thrives on the idea of making money and taking risks,” he says. 

Since high school, Samuel has been sharing his passions with young traders, and his main goal is to help them develop a personal trading system and begin to trade profitably. A mentor who believes in the idea that any successful trader is self-made, Samuel Kahn says, “you have to be able to control your own emotions and not get caught up in the highs and lows of trading.”

Sam Kahn shares his best advice for anyone who wants to be successful in both their personal and professional lives.

 In his own words: “Whether you’re a chief executive or a board director or just somebody who has to manage a company, it all comes back to that same notion of balance.” Success in your personal life and professional life is all about balance. When you start focusing on one, the other starts to slip.

Sam Kahn also speaks about the importance of being organised and delegating work to others whenever possible so that you can focus on what’s most important. to you. 

“Don’t try to be everything to everybody. If you’re not good at something, delegate it. Focus on what you’re good at.

  • “1. John F Kennedy: “a man for the ages”Using primary sources, such as the speeches and statements of JFK and his colleagues, we can gain a deeper understanding of how he achieved great things.  

Kahn states that people need to be aware that they can have both work and family.

Time management is one of the most important skills you can develop. 

It’s not enough to simply prioritise your tasks and organise them into a to-do list. You must also take time to plan for time off and rest periods, trying to ensure any urgent tasks that might arise during these periods are delegated. If you’re focusing on your work, it’s important to have time to relax and switch off. Although the demands of growing a business can make this seem impossible, there are ways of making sure you take time for yourself.

  • Lighten up the workload by trying not to take on too much at one time, you are more likely to feel overwhelmed, this could lead to anxiety and mental stress.
  • Try switching on aeroplane mode, and turn everything off to allow you to relax and spend some time around your family.

Sam Kahn learned that it was not possible to be 100% at work or 100% at home. His philosophy is to minimise interference between the two places in order to achieve balance and success. 

It was important for Sam to have balance and understanding of his work-life. He realised that he would need to focus on relationships in both his personal and professional life if he wanted to be successful. 

He found that achieving success in both arenas boiled down to being flexible, being able to change course when needed, taking care of yourself, and not being afraid of your own shadow. That’s the same advice for achieving success in any arena.

This might be a never-ending debate in the eyes of some. However, for many others, the balance between business and family has become a desirable state of being. Hence, it is important to have an understanding of both perspectives before you make your decision. 

It is important to note that there are no right or wrong answers here. Every family is different, and so is every business. But the information above might be able to help you make a decision about your own needs and desires.

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