Sam Kahns Thoughts on Being your own Boss

What does it mean to be your own boss?

Being the head of your own company.  Doing what you love and getting paid for it. Being the person that’s in charge of everything, not just one part of it. 

They say you can be yourself, but nobody has the same personality as you, says Sam Kahn. You’re unique. This means that everyone’s version of being their own boss is a bit different too.

The first thing most people think about when they think about being their boss is that they’re going to be working all the time because there’s no one else to do it for them or help them out when they need a hand (or three). 

It’s true, you’ll have to work more hours than someone who doesn’t run their own business, but it doesn’t have to be all the time, especially if you have the support of your family, Sam Kahn says I was still able to be that loving husband, and a good father. At the start, I was unable to be around my family as much as I wanted to be, as the business was a full-time job.

There is a saying, “When you own your own business, you can schedule around your busiest hours.” I’m not going to lie, if you open at 8 am and close at 9 pm daily, there’s no way that it’s not going to be tough work. 

But if you start early it may allow you to leave early, it then gives you more time for your family.”  “I want to own my own business.” A lot of people’s dream job is to be an entrepreneur. If you’re one of these people, figure out what type of business you’d like to start and get going. It can be as simple as a food truck or as complicated as a complex new technology. Either way, it’s up to you.

Sam Kahn, a successful businessman is the founder of Claiming4U, a regulated claims management business, in Manchester UK.   Claiming 4U is an Industry leader in financial claims for those who have been mis-sold and just want to experience a hassle-free retirement.

Working for yourself has many benefits, such as flexibility and the ability to work on your terms.   

These benefits led me to found my own company, says Samuel Nathan Kahn.  As a result, I have been able to expand my business quickly and focus on building long-term relationships with clients, however, we are still continuously growing.

I am available to lend a listening ear to those who need it. , and I am constantly learning more about my clients, their goals and the best way to meet them. I am often the voice of reason and the calming influence in a situation, especially in times of transition or change. As for me says Sam Kahn, I have always been drawn to people. For this reason, I found that my career suited my personality perfectly.

I love what I do, and I want to carry on doing it for as long as possible. 

The drawbacks of working for yourself are that it can be difficult to find the right customers. It can also be difficult to know what your hours will be like day to day, and sometimes you have to cut back on other types of work to focus on your own business. 

Another drawback of working for yourself is that it can be difficult to specify your goals, develop a business plan and a marketing strategy, and it may take a long time to build the right team.

The pros of working for yourself are that you control your schedule and the hours you work. There may be less pressure to do other types of work because your business is generating income and bringing in revenue, which can help you focus on many areas of your life. 

You can make your job more flexible once you are self-employed and set your hours. You can also work remotely and do something else that’s not in your field of expertise. 

Gone are the days of having to take time off from work. You can now earn an income on your schedule with the freedom to work for as many hours as you want. 

You will have total control over your schedule and income without having to worry about paying bills or not being able to afford necessities, and of course, look for new business opportunities.

Sam Kahn describes his first business opportunity at the age of 13 in school selling watches, which was his first taste of the business world, Sam says being in business for over ten years, has helped him grow as a person and businessman.

Having a successful business says Sam Kahn has allowed me to help my local charities and supports.

He states that work-life balance is the most important thing in your life. Most people don’t know how to find balance and it’s a deeply personal issue. People need to take care of their family, which is the most important thing in our lives. There is no balance. 

You have to choose between work and life. People know that work-life balance is important for them but don’t know how to find it, says Sam Kahn.


When a person is the most important thing in their life, they will put everything into it, but when the family is the most important thing in their life, they can’t find balance, says Sam Kahn, and that balance comes with time, and as the business grows.

In conclusion, if you are strong enough and have the support of your family, nothing is impossible.


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