Sam Kahn, Being Ahead Of The Game In Business

Sam Kahn is the founder of Claiming4U, a Manchester-based company that provides a range of services to help businesses with their Mis Sold Shares, and has been in business for over a decade.

Sam Kahn started Claiming4U because he was frustrated by the bureaucratic process of Mis-Sold share claiming in the UK and wanted to create something that would make it easier for people to get what they are entitled to.

One of the most competitive industries in the world is business. Staying ahead of the game in business is hard, and even harder to stay on top. Businesses are constantly adapting to new market trends and consumer demands, which can be challenging. There are things that can be done though, such as keeping up with a company’s social media platform and staying up-to-date with current events.

It can be hard to stay on top of all worldwide happenings. From the current president of the United States to the latest fashion trends, there are just too many events happening in a day, to keep up with it all. News websites and social media sites often cover different topics, so it’s important to have a variety of sources for news if you want to stay informed.

A prime example of that curve ball is that many businesses have been deeply affected by the Covid-19 pandemic over the past 2½ years. 

Samuel Kahn has a perspective that many business owners will likely understand.

Some businesses have had to go through extreme difficulties as a result of long lockdowns, such as moving their entire office to remote working, pivoting in a whole new direction, or shutting down completely.

Samuel Kahn has been one of the lucky ones to not experience severe impacts and was able to continue operating remotely with his team.

Many industries have been affected. Sam Kahn is happy that his company Claiming4U, has been able to continue operating. 

Being ahead of the game means:

Knowing your customer better than anyone else, it is the ultimate competitive advantage. One of the most difficult parts of being an entrepreneur is the constant challenge of coming up with new ideas., as long as you’re always stretching your creativity and thinking outside the box.

With the change, we are often forced to let go of what we are used to and adapt to something new. Change is inevitable, it happens in our lives all the time. We can choose how we experience it and what we learn from it.  I am a firm believer that change is good because it teaches us new things and forces us to grow.

When we experience negative events, we often react without thinking about how they will affect our future.


Sam Kahn, Helping Your Local Community

Sam Kahn is a serial entrepreneur who has been living in the same community for over a decade. He has been involved in several startups and founded more than one business.

He is passionate about entrepreneurship and helping other entrepreneurs succeed. It was this passion that led him to create Claiming4U, providing expert mis-sold claims services to individual and business clients.

Sam has also been involved with many other organizations within the community and enjoys supporting a wide variety of local charities. This is Sam’s way of giving back and helping those around him succeed.

Sam is always looking for ways to give back to the community and raise awareness to make the world a better place. He knows that sometimes families need financial help and he’s willing to lend a hand with his time and money.

Sam Kahn says “It all depends on the person’s needs. Some people need less help while others need more.” “This could be giving people a chance to talk and share their opinions, or it could mean taking care of their finances.”

Samuel Kahn is an entrepreneur who likes to share his wisdom with upcoming entrepreneurs, hoping that they’ll take his advice and succeed as well. He has decades of experience in the startup world and has learned from some of the smartest people in the business world.

Samuel Nathan Kahn is deeply religious, and that’s one of the many reasons he attends synagogue. He believes faith and community are very important, which he continues to show through attending synagogue every day, and teaching Shiur every Thursday night.

Sam is committed to expanding his knowledge, which he does through religious learning as well as debates on different topics. He welcomes opinions from others and believes everyone has something worthwhile to say.

Sam Kahn is a true workaholic, who also sees himself as a family-holic, and is always there for family members, day or night. He puts all his effort and energy into the things he pursues, whether it’s at work or home. Sam Kahn says he finds it hard to juggle everything sometimes.

One of the key secrets to his success has been letting go of some things in order to focus on what’s most important.

In the UK, the majority of new business ventures are rooted in technology and innovation. As of 2017, A quarter of all startups in the UK are in these two sectors.

This development has increased the speed of many business operations, which increases productivity, and reduces work burden and costs. Samuel Nathan Kahn, says” keeping up the old and the new is crucial”. He suggests blending both mediums, this is what I try to teach says Sam Kahn, when I am helping a business or someone in the community.


Sam Kahn, Set Your Goal In Business And Achieve It

Many people have dreams but never know how to achieve them. One of the most important things to do when you are setting a business goal is to set action plans for yourself. When you set action plans, you will be able to see how much work and what you need to do in order to achieve your goals.

Setting a goal is an important step in the process of achieving it. There are many ways to set your goal, but the most important thing is to be clear and specific. Achieving goals is not always easy, but if you know what you’re aiming for it will make it easier to reach your destination.

The goal-setting process is important, so take the time to define it and ensure that it can be achieved. A measurable goal might be writing an essay that is 10 pages long, whereas an unachievable goal might be writing a novel in a week.

The next step is to break down the goal into smaller, more manageable pieces, and review your goals. For example, if you want to become a better runner, your goals might consist of cutting your time in half while running at least three miles. The key here is to set short-term goals that can help you achieve a bigger goal.

Sam Kahn was raised in an entrepreneurial family, and started his first business at school, selling watches at the tender age of 13, you could say business was in his blood.

As soon as Sam Kahn could, he opened a small business, which then led him to Claiming4u, 20 years ago. Samuel Kahn’s career as a regulated claims adjuster is a great inspiration for other entrepreneurs. The insights into his business growth strategy are successful.

Sam Kahn is someone that wants to give back to his community and donates a lot of his spare time to assisting those that have lost their way. 

Sam Kahn lives by this inspiring quote: “More often than not, you are able to build instead of destroying. You just need the determination to do it.”


It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the work it takes to set business goals. However, if you take the time to plan, then you will set yourself up for success in the future. 

Setting and achieving your goals is not always easy. It requires a lot of discipline and focus. Here are 5 steps that may help you set your goal in business and achieve it.

  1. Define what success looks like to you. Success to me is the feeling of accomplishment when I do something that I enjoy, says Sam Kahn. 
  2. Write down your goal, and follow it. If possible, give a time frame to complete the goal.
  3. Set a deadline for when you want to achieve this goal by. When I want to become more productive and efficient, I need to set a deadline for when I want to achieve this goal by. Setting deadlines will help me stay on track and make sure I am able to accomplish my goals in a timely manner. Says Sam Kahn.
  4. Create an action plan on how you will achieve this goal.
  5. Make sure that your plan is doable so that it can be achieved.

It can be difficult to create a plan that can be executed. As a result, many people are not able to reach their goals. However, it is important to make sure your plan is doable so that it can be accomplished.

Lastly, with every goal obtained make sure you celebrate your success.


Samuel Nathan Kahn. When Can You Relax In Business?

When I first started this business many years ago, I was afraid to take any time off work for fear of what would happen to my company when I was gone, says Sam Kahn. Sure enough, as soon as I did take a week or two weeks off, everything fell apart.

But we all need time away from work in order to give our bodies and minds rest.

Responsibility is like a weight that’s on your shoulders. It’s hard to take time off and shut down for even a few days, let alone for an extended period of time. When running a business, there are always “what if” scenarios in the back of your mind. You might want to be out of contact for days or weeks at one time.

I typically spend 50 hours per week managing my business, Sam says, it’s really hard when you are trying to be a loving husband and father, and it’s vital to stop and take a break from time to time so you don’t get run down by your professional life. It’s important to find some relaxation techniques that are useful for managing work stress and anxiety.

Here are five tips that I found helped me to relax faster: Says Sam.

  1. Meditating clears your mind of all the thoughts that clutter it. It is a powerful technique for relaxation. You can practice meditation even if your schedule is tight, but you need to be committed and active in order to get good results. 

Sam Kahn says that research shows that people can benefit from meditation. Give your brain a break by taking 10-20minutes out of your workday to focus on nothing but peace and quiet.

  1. It’s important that you keep in close contact with your family, co-workers and clients. They’re important to your business and will be there for you when you need a listening ear and guidance. It’s important to have people around who care about you when bad things happen. These people will support you, and with the right amount of support, your days can seem much brighter.
  2. Reflecting on the achievements you’ve made so far and the goals you’ve achieved is one of the best ways of creating an optimistic perspective, says Sam Kahn. Remember your milestones, and don’t get disheartened at new challenges that come up in your business life. When you recognise your wins, you’ll be more likely to face challenges with a positive attitude. Business challenges will be less stress-inducing because you’ll be confident about overcoming them thanks to past successes.
  3. Sometimes you need to take a break. You may find yourself wanting to leave the office and take a walk, this will most definitely help clear the mind, says Sam Kahn.
  4. I enjoy playing the piano and exercising as a way to de-stress, says Sam Kahn. I’ve found that these activities can really help me find peace. If I don’t have time for both, I usually choose to exercise because it’s an easier way of handling stress and it has a variety of other benefits such as improved sleep and mood.

I have often been asked the question, “Why Work For Yourself” and “Why Not Work For Someone Else? Here is what I feel, says Sam Kahn.

The choice to choose when you want to work. So many people struggle with finding motivation, but what if you aren’t struggling with finding the time? You can choose when you want to work and get your tasks done. By choosing when to work, you are more likely to be motivated as your earnings depend on the time you spend in the business.

At the beginning of a new business you get to choose where you want to work, a lot of us don’t have the finances to have an office.

With more control over your income, you soon learn that the more time you put into your own business the more you will earn.

When you work for yourself, you do not get paid when you are not working.

When you are in business for yourself you soon learn that choosing the people you work with can make or break a business. It’s important to take into account the skills and talents of those you want to work with. You should also consider their personalities and how they will interact with one another because it is a huge factor in how your team will function. 

So reading the above you are probably asking yourself, when do I get time to relax, the honest answer to that question is you don’t in the beginning, running a regulated claims management business as I do, says Sam Kahn, means you have to be on top of all the changes, all the time, luckily for me, I have been able to grow and have a team of employees that take the stress out of my day.

Making time for relaxation can be difficult when you’re a solopreneur. There are many benefits to taking time for yourself. Taking a break can help improve your mood and energy levels. It also reduces stress, which helps you to focus more on your work and the tasks at hand, as you are continuously growing.


Sam Kahn, Work, Family and Religion

Samuel Nathan Kahn, A Boss, A Father, And Religion. This is an insight into Samuel Nathan Kahn’s life. 


Samuel Kahn was raised in an entrepreneurial family.

His family always talked about business and he initiated his first company when he was just 13 selling watches & other trinkets to his fellow students. Trading was in his blood, so at the first opportunity he got, he opened up a small business.

As an entrepreneur, Samuel Kahn is always fair, even when that can mean foregoing a potential profit. For example, he thinks about what other people might feel when he makes certain decisions.

Sam Kahn lives by this inspiring quote: “More often than not, you are able to build instead of destroying. You just need the determination to do it.”

Samuel Kahn is a business owner that many people within his community look up to. His key messages are to work hard and play hard, which he practices himself. He also gives back by giving underprivileged people opportunities in his company, but only those with the potential for growth, says Sam Kahn.

Samuel Kahn’s career as a regulated claims adjustor is a great inspiration for other entrepreneurs. The insights into his business growth strategy are novel and successful in their own way.

The idea of Claiming4U was born out of the Jewish tradition of tzedakah, which is the idea that we should be charitable and do good deeds. for those around us. It is the idea of making the world a better place. A similar sentiment appears in the Christian tradition, which has a saying that we should give what we can and take care of others because it’s only right to do so.

Claiming4U is a company that provides the opportunity to donate at least one hour of work a month. They also provide opportunities for people to volunteer in their communities.

Sam Kahn runs a Jewish Manchester-based company that offers mis-sold claims services. They are committed to providing the best possible outcome for their clients and have been in business for over 20 years. 

The team at Claiming4U provide high-quality assistance for debt, insurance claims and more. Their professional team will work with you to find the best resolution for your case.

Claiming4U is a Jewish Manchester-based company that provides the best services to its clients and has been in service for over 20 years, and aims to provide its clients with the best service by ensuring a stress-free experience and guaranteeing to deliver a high level of customer satisfaction.


Sam Kahn realised that you can’t be 100% devoted to work or 100% devoted to caring for family members. He designed this system in order to have a balance between these aspects.

Sam always made it a point to strike a balance between work and his family life. He knew that if he wanted to be successful, he would need the focus and understanding of both spheres. 

He found success in both areas came down to the same things, being flexible, able to change course when necessary, take care of yourself and not let your own fears hold you back. This is also advice for getting anywhere you want to be, says Sam Khan.

This is a (to some people) never-ending debate. But, it’s difficult to see the other side of the coin. It’s important to have an understanding of both sides before you make a decision one way or another. 

We all have our own opinions and preferences and it’s impossible to decide what is best for you. But the advice given so far can contribute to your understanding for what you need and want.

Sam has used his passion for business to have a long and successful career because his upbringing taught him the importance of family and faith.

It is imperative to have relationships with those around you. When you are challenged and stretched, your family and friends provide the push and comfort that keeps you going in business. Cherishing them will teach you how to be successful in life. 

Sam Kahn is an example of someone who has done his very best to provide a good life and opportunities for his family. The legacy he leaves behind will largely be determined by the effort he put in and the people that were supported.

Samuel Kahn deeply cares about others and as a result, he spends some of his free time helping families in need in his neighbourhood.



During his time living in Manchester, Sam Kahn has gained a sense of community spirit. Everybody knows each other here.

Sam Kahn has been able to give back to the people of Manchester, not just in financial ways but by advising and assisting them in achieving their goals.

In my opinion, we all have the ability to help out. Whether it’s cash or a few words. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but if you feel like you can give back then do it. So that this world can continue moving forward.”

Religion has played a crucial role in Samuel Kahn’s life and has taught him the importance of patience and understanding.

The religious beliefs that Sam takes part in give him a sense of security.

Samuel Kahn’s religious background has influenced the way he runs his business. His faith has allowed him to be successful due to these qualities, which influenced and impacted his choices:

Being a firm believer in giving back has made Sam more mindful of the decisions he makes and the generosity was always there. His faith in giving to everyone reminds him to do good just as much as he wishes for good to be done unto him.

Every morning and evening, Sam reflects on his actions through both prayers.

Happiness is difficult to attain and maintaining it is even harder. This is a time when he takes a moment to reflect on his life and clarify his values.

Samuel Kahn’s religion allows him to identify new perspectives, which can provide plenty of food for thought. What’s more, he uses these ideas to help his business grow by being innovative and unique.

Sam is a successful business person who has been able to make his work into his religion. His faith has helped him succeed in business, but it’s also the way he lives day-to-day. Sam says “I pray every morning and I pray every night, and if my life is not going well then I don’t think I have been praying enough.