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Samuel Kahn – A Professional Claims Adjuster In Manchester, Safeguarding The Savings Of Mis-leaded People

Manchester, 20th July 2021:  Meet Samuel Nathan Kahn from Manchester, a professional claims adjuster who owns and operates a regulated claims management business that specialises in guiding people who have been mis-lead and lost money. Over the years, his firm has helped many people to get back their lost money. The loss may have happened due to inexperienced financial advisors or even false information, whatever the case may be.

Sam says, “The thrill, the ecstasy of seeing people receiving their payments make me happier than what I earn from it, to help people get back what they thought they lost forever is an amazing gift and let me assure you it does not come easy”.

Sam Kahn became an expert within his field over the last ten years and has built a successful business around it. Sam’s business does not charge an upfront fee or charge based on time, they put their money where their mouth is and charge only on results.

Sam and his team are always hungry to get positive results. As they don’t get paid unless they do so, you can be sure that he and his team works hard on every single case. The more he achieves for his clients the more his business can build- it’s a win-win.

He also provides many opportunities for his employees to prosper and grow within the business. When one of the team members succeeds, they all succeed. Samuel sees potential in others and likes to provide them with valuable opportunities they may not have otherwise received.

Samuel Kahn always stays productive, which is very much essential in his business domain and it’s the secret behind his success. He writes a daily to-do list and the items that don’t get finished on day one, get transferred to the next. It may seem old fashioned but it works for him. He also utilises a Google diary with a handy alert system, steering clear of smartphones which he deems as a distraction. This gives him an extra two hours during the day where he can make the most of his productivity.

He wakes at 6am each morning and doesn’t wind down until late into the evening. With back-to-back meetings, educational sessions and study each day, motivation and productivity are essential. Samuel Kahn prides himself as both a workaholic and familyholic, who still makes time to go to the synagogue multiple times a day.

What Sam recommends to other entrepreneurs: “Try to play fair, even if it costs you money. Give a try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Try to feel what they would feel if you’re about to do something a bit sharp or a bit hurtful to their business. Sometimes you can build instead of destroying, you need the guts to do it.”

Living by the key learnings, work hard, play hard, give hard, Samuel Kahn is a successful claims adjuster that many people look up to. The insight into Samuel Kahn’s career as a regulated claims adjustor is an inspiring one and his business growth strategy is very unique and successful. Visit his website to know more about his inspiring story.

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