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Samuel Kahn, A Successful Businessman From Manchester Shares His Effective Time Management Tips For Business Owners

Manchester, November: Time management is a crucial aspect in business and one that you need to conquer early on in the game. Every business owner should have the skills to manage their time and ensure maximum productivity. From client meetings to product launches, effective time management is the decider that determines your success or your failure in business.

As an owner of a successful regulated claims management company in Manchester, Samuel Kahn is very proficient in time management. Starting from his business journey at the age of 13, Samuel Kahn has vast experience in managing a business successfully. So, we approached him to share his tips on time management with fellow business owners. Being a helpful and community-minded person, Samuel Kahn shared his tips generously.

Samuel Kahn says, “Planning is the most crucial aspect for efficient time management”. This might look like writing down all of the tasks that you wish to accomplish before the weekend, and then distributing them throughout the course of your week. Samuel Kahn has found that making daily schedules or a list of tasks is very helpful in managing time, as it allows you to plan the entire day in smaller achievable increments. You can also schedule the time required per task.

Another option is to follow an order of top to bottom in terms of priority and importance, arranging the most essential tasks first, then the less urgent tasks to last. A useful way to manage your goals is by taking the help of the SMART acronym. Make sure that they are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely. Finding the way that works best for you will be a matter of trial and error over time.

“Delegating tasks to others on your team or contractors lets you maximize your time and focus on tasks only you can complete,” says Samuel Kahn. Although delegation may appear to be a daunting idea, it empowers your team, creates trust, and aids in professional growth and development. It can also help you decide who is best equipped to handle tasks and assignments. Doing everything yourself will not only take up a lot of time, but also causes stress and burnout. This could result in inconsistencies and errors, which is why delegation is crucial to running a successful and productive business.

Meetings are an integral part of running a professional business, but they can be very time consuming too. So, Samuel Kahn advises heading into them as prepared as you can. Ensure that you have a clear agenda of what you desire to accomplish from it, and a rough time frame of how long it should take. When you are in the meeting make sure you’re on track and reduce distractions, discussions which aren’t relevant to the agenda of the meeting.

When starting your day or moving on to a new task, Samuel Kahn advises focusing on only one task at a time rather than multitasking. It is also important to remember that when you are working on a busy schedule, you will end up with poor work quality and more stress. Therefore, ensure each task is broken up into small manageable tasks when you are doing the planning and prioritizing.

As a final word, Samuel Kahn says, “Effective time management is an art that takes practice, trial and error to find what works best for you and your team. The better you are in delegating, planning and tracking your time, the simpler it becomes”. 

For more tips on business and tips, check out Samuel Kahn’s website.

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Samuel Kahn From Manchester UK – A Successful Businessman Shares His Insights On Identifying Business Opportunities For Emerging Entrepreneurs

Manchester, October: The future belongs to the entrepreneurs. We are in an era of entrepreneurship, in which people are leaving their 9-5 job to launch a business of their own. With the digital world booming to new heights, the young generation is driven to create income, with more freedom and flexibility. In the pursuit of entrepreneurship, Manchester-based businessman Samuel Kahn has earned his name among the most intelligent entrepreneurs.

From an early age, Samuel Kahn wanted to be his own boss. He entered the business world at the age of 13 by selling watches and other trinkets to his friends at school. From then on, he started to explore more sources of income and his regulated claims management company is a result of his great success within his business career. 

We asked successful businessman Samuel Kahn to share his insights for young entrepreneurs in identifying business opportunities.

“The easiest way to identify a business opportunity is to see what is already selling or working”, says Samuel Kahn. “To find the best selling products, all it takes is a simple Google search. You can filter through the product reviews on the shopping or website pages and find out what are the best sellers. This way you can see what is already working and see how you can innovate the ideas for yourself.”

Samuel Kahn says, “Finding a solution to a current and already existing problem is also a great way to identify potential business opportunities”. Just look at your life, and if you are unable to find a solution to a problem that you may be faced with, then you could use your initiative and create one. Since the problem doesn’t have any solution other than yours, you can enjoy a monopoly on the business.”

Samuel Kahn’s favourite way of finding business opportunities is to look for industries where you can cut out the middle man. A good example of this is OTT platforms, where they have eliminated the need for theatres to watch the latest movies. If you can figure out a way to eliminate the middleman, you’re well on your way to creating a viable business opportunity.

Another important area that Samuel Kahn advises you to look at is venture capital funds. Do some research and find which startups are getting the majority of funds and see if there is a trend. If you can see a recurring trend in a particular industry, that is a great indicator that the industry has high growth.

A Final Word From Samuel Kahn

“I’ve seen many people succeed by utilizing these strategies. To get started, it is essential to create an action plan and adhere to it. While trying to set up your own business streams, it’s easy to put off the tasks, but keep in mind that each delay results in a loss of revenue – both when you’re awake, and also while asleep”.

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Sam Nathan Kahn – Top 3 Business Decisions

Manchester September 22nd 2021: Samuel Nathan Kahn, from Manchester, UK is a professional claims adjuster who runs his own regulated claims management firm. Sam has recently unveiled the best three business decisions he has ever made, in hopes to inspire the younger generation within his broader community. He is a prominent figure in his local community and looked up to by budding entrepreneurs, who are eager to start their own businesses. 


Sam Kahn understands the power that implementing a proper CRM system can have. Like many successful businesses, utilising a high quality CRM system has helped to streamline Sam’s processes. Freeing up his time to grow his company effectively and efficiently. This has allowed Samuel Nathan Kahn to be the envy and inspiration of many aspiring entrepreneurs. 


His favoured CRM system, vTiger has produced real results, inclusive of direct improvements to the bottom line. CRM applications have a proven track record within Samuel Kahn’s successful regulated claims management firm. Not only has Mr Kahn experienced vast improvements in his professional services but the system has allowed him to offer enhanced customer support to his loyal clientele. 


The cloud computing revolution that vTiger encompasses, has topped the list of Sam Kahn’s top three business decisions and with very good reason. The CRM system has allowed Mr Khan to work from anywhere in the world as well as reduced his running costs, which has led him to believe that the system is a salesforce to be reckoned with. 


Samuel Kahn knows that surrounding himself with the right team ultimately led to his business’ success. He trusted in others and allowed them to build his business in areas that weren’t his forte. An example of this is recruiting a professional digital marketing agency, Englander Davis to enhance the online presence of his business. Mr Kahn understands the importance of delegating tasks within all the different areas of his company. Mastering the art of internal and external activities. 


The third business decision that made Sam Kahn’s top three business decisions was delving straight into a field that resonated with his values. He has been able to grow and expand at a rapid rate in every area of his career. This is down to the dedication he has poured into his business, the systems he has put in place and the individuals that he has surrounded himself with. 


Sam has positively impacted and influenced his local community with the business decisions that he has made throughout the years. He has provided his employees and partners with the opportunity to grow and expand. He believes that when one achieves, his whole network succeeds. 


Visit his website to discover more about where his business decisions have led him so far and where he hopes they will lead him in the future. 


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Samuel Nathan Kahn – An Outstanding Businessman In Manchester Shares His Secret Tips To Help First Time Investors

Manchester, 17 September 2021: Investing in a company for the very first time can be exciting. However, it also brings new challenges, new learning opportunities and new experiences. Thus, investing may not be an easy job, if you are not careful with it, it can ruin tonnes of your hard-earned money in the short term.

To help the first-time investors, we have asked Samuel Nathan Kahn – an outstanding businessman in Manchester to share his insights. Being a helpful and community-minded person, Sam Kahn shared his secret tips to support budding investors:

Sam Kahn says, studying the business prospectus is the very important and the first step to planning your investment. Reading it may be a long and tedious process, but it gives a great insight into how the company is operating and where it is heading. This will give you an idea of the risks and benefits involved in your investment.

Taking your time with a prospectus will allow you to weigh the pros and cons of how you are choosing to invest money. Even for small businesses, the business plan should be clearly laid out and highly detailed. An important question to ask yourself at this stage is, are the risks worth the rewards? Gaining a clear understanding of your potential investment will help you to make cautious decisions.

“Caution is the key to your success. As trustworthy as someone may seem, they may not always have the best intentions”, Sam Nathan Kahn says. It is important to be cautious when investing your money in a business. The wrong decision can have detrimental effects on your financial future and can impact every aspect of your life.

A business that sounds amazing on paper could quickly be declared bankrupt due to poor management, lack of laser focus or an unfortunate market. It is also crucial to watch out for scams that are concealed to appear as legitimate businesses. If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. However, the right decision with proper research and proven results can result in an incredibly prosperous and successful future.

“Patience is the key to investing”, Samuel Nathan Kahn says. It is important to remember that businesses need all of the money they can get, which is why you shouldn’t expect to see an immediate return on your investment. You may have to wait a few years before you see profits coming in, especially if you invest in a startup.

All in all, Samuel Nathan Kahn understands the spark of excitement that you get from investing for the first time. He has lived this first hand and still feels the same spark of excitement every time he invests. It can be challenging and stressful at the beginning, but the rewards have the potential to bring a flourishing business career.

As long as you are adequately prepared for the risks involved, and know exactly what you are looking for in a business, Sam Kahn believes that investing is one of the most rewarding endeavours. There is so much potential in investing and Samuel Kahn always encourages it as a significant way to enhance your financial future.

To get more such investment and business tips visit his website.

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Samuel Kahn: This Successful Businessman From Manchester Shares His Success Tips To Budding Entrepreneurs

Manchester, September 2021: Starting a new business and sustaining it is not an easy task. There are plenty of challenges that budding entrepreneurs face while working to make their businesses successful. Therefore, support from any corner is always useful, especially from the experiences of other successful businessmen and entrepreneurs. 

We spoke with a successful businessman Samuel Kahn, to share some of the most valuable tips he has learned in his three decades of entrepreneurship. Here are his success tips.

Samuel Kahn says, “An entrepreneur should always be looking for what the next great adventure is going to be, as well as how to leverage it to take advantage of the changes that will happen,”. His first tip is to not only think about what’s happening right now, but what might change in the future.

“You can learn more from failures than from success. As long as you are willing to learn from it, failure is a wonderful teacher” says Samuel Kahn. No matter how large or small the failure is, one can learn a lot from it. All we need to do is, take some time to analyse what went wrong, when and where it went wrong and come up with a solution that ensures those mistakes won’t be repeated again.

Sam Kahn says that planning and being organised is vital and plays a crucial role in the success of the business. Having a solid and clear business plan is the best place to start, and is an excellent reference point years down the track or whenever you start to wander off track. This can include defining your strengths and weaknesses, what it is that you offer, how that is unique and how you plan on growing your offering. This is also a good place to prepare yourself mentally and practically for any potential future issues and how you could deal with those if they were to happen.

Cash flow can be one of the biggest challenges when it comes to entrepreneurship and business. Samuel Kahn recommends saving at least a month’s worth of expenses at a time or being creative with minimising your business outgoings. You can also look at creating incentives for your clients to sign up on a monthly service subscription or a discount for clients that pay the full amount upfront. 

He also reminds us that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and will be the same for business too. Short-lived small wins at the beginning will not set you up for long term success. Remember that business is a long game and you may not begin to see a huge revenue for the first couple of years. But it will come, and it will be extremely worth the hard yards that you put in in the beginning.

A mentor will be an invaluable asset to you and your business. Being a community-minded and social man, Samuel Kahn always strives to help others. As part of it, he has recorded his life lessons, researches, studies, tips and advice on his website in the form of blogs. From, building a business from nothing, learning how to influence others to their advantage, understanding how their own mind works, ensuring constant profits and even gaining an insight into what makes some people better than others — all these essential skills, and more, can be gained by reading his blogs.

Visit his website for more info.

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Samuel Nathan Kahn (Manchester, UK) – A Successful Businessman

Manchester, August 23rd 2021: Samuel Nathan Kahn, who resides in Manchester, England, operates a regulated claims management company. He has a great level of care for his local community. He has positively impacted many people’s lives from financial help to business opportunities to general guidance. He is also well known for assisting disadvantaged families within his community.

Samuel Kahn has always been inspired to make a positive impact in his business and the world. After over 35 years in business, this is one of the core aspects that has allowed him to keep showing up and continuing to support others.

Mr Kahn has been able to support many different people in a multitude of ways throughout his time. This has ranged from investing and mentoring owners of start-up businesses, to giving people strategies and advice on their financial investments, right through to financially supporting disadvantaged families in his local community.

Sam Kahn gets a real kick out of the success of others, as well as his own personal growth and development. A particular trend that excites Mr Kahn is seeing a product succeed, or seeing a business that he has invested in succeeding greater than initially expected. He is also passionate about supporting an individual to grow and succeed within themselves.

His latest business, a regulated claims management company, was built around the foundations of making a positive impact. Sam and his team assist individuals facing financial loss from mis-sold pensions or self-invested personal pensions (SIPP’S).

Mr Kahn leads an incredibly driven team, who are also customer-focused and constantly striving for the best possible outcomes. He is a man of his word, not getting paid for any of the claim management cases unless he and his team get the desired results for their clients.

Sam believes that the thrill and ecstasy of seeing these people receive their payments make him happier than what he earns from it, especially when they thought they had lost all of their money for good.

Sam believes that making a positive impact in the world is centred around helping people. He often says “helping people can be in so many different ways, and the way that I like to help is to give to charity, and help give people the ability to earn a living for themselves.” He often encourages each of his team members to be the best that they can be to help the business grow and themselves.

He provides many opportunities for his employees to prosper and grow within the business. When one of the team members succeeds, they all succeed. Samuel sees potential in others and likes to provide them with valuable opportunities they may not have otherwise received.

Visit his website to learn more about how to be successful in your very own new or existing business.

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Samuel Kahn – A Professional Claims Adjuster In Manchester, Safeguarding The Savings Of Mis-leaded People

Manchester, 20th July 2021:  Meet Samuel Nathan Kahn from Manchester, a professional claims adjuster who owns and operates a regulated claims management business that specialises in guiding people who have been mis-lead and lost money. Over the years, his firm has helped many people to get back their lost money. The loss may have happened due to inexperienced financial advisors or even false information, whatever the case may be.

Sam says, “The thrill, the ecstasy of seeing people receiving their payments make me happier than what I earn from it, to help people get back what they thought they lost forever is an amazing gift and let me assure you it does not come easy”.

Sam Kahn became an expert within his field over the last ten years and has built a successful business around it. Sam’s business does not charge an upfront fee or charge based on time, they put their money where their mouth is and charge only on results.

Sam and his team are always hungry to get positive results. As they don’t get paid unless they do so, you can be sure that he and his team works hard on every single case. The more he achieves for his clients the more his business can build- it’s a win-win.

He also provides many opportunities for his employees to prosper and grow within the business. When one of the team members succeeds, they all succeed. Samuel sees potential in others and likes to provide them with valuable opportunities they may not have otherwise received.

Samuel Kahn always stays productive, which is very much essential in his business domain and it’s the secret behind his success. He writes a daily to-do list and the items that don’t get finished on day one, get transferred to the next. It may seem old fashioned but it works for him. He also utilises a Google diary with a handy alert system, steering clear of smartphones which he deems as a distraction. This gives him an extra two hours during the day where he can make the most of his productivity.

He wakes at 6am each morning and doesn’t wind down until late into the evening. With back-to-back meetings, educational sessions and study each day, motivation and productivity are essential. Samuel Kahn prides himself as both a workaholic and familyholic, who still makes time to go to the synagogue multiple times a day.

What Sam recommends to other entrepreneurs: “Try to play fair, even if it costs you money. Give a try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Try to feel what they would feel if you’re about to do something a bit sharp or a bit hurtful to their business. Sometimes you can build instead of destroying, you need the guts to do it.”

Living by the key learnings, work hard, play hard, give hard, Samuel Kahn is a successful claims adjuster that many people look up to. The insight into Samuel Kahn’s career as a regulated claims adjustor is an inspiring one and his business growth strategy is very unique and successful. Visit his website to know more about his inspiring story.

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Samuel Nathan Kahn – Fit to run finance firm

Samuel Nathan Kahn, also known as Sam Kahn, is a Professional Regulated Claims Adjuster, for over ten years, and a successful Businessman from Manchester. In 2011, he was fined £1.1m by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), who was the regulator at the time, for inflating a company’s shares.

Kahn was restricted from acting as a director of a company, but this restriction ended in 2018.  

In April 2020, Sam Kahn became director of a new financial company where his focus is to help the people who have lost their money due to the misguidance of others. The company name is Karmen Funding Limited, which provides claims management services using the brand name Claiming4U. The company, which Kahn also owns, operates from above a Greek restaurant in Manchester. 

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) replaced the FSA back in 2013. The FCA register is used by professionals and individuals to ensure a person or a company is regulated and has been properly vetted. The register says that Samuel Nathan Kahn is ‘active’ on their records, and that Karmen Funding Limited has been ‘given permission to provide regulated products and services” since December 27th 2019.

There was nothing to stop Sam Kahn from setting up a new firm following the end of the term in 2018. Under the FCA “fit and proper” test, a person’s affairs must be shown to have been “conducted in an appropriate manner having regard to the interest of consumers and the integrity of the UK financial system”.

The FCA said: “We considered Mr Kahn’s history carefully when assessing Karmen Funding’s application for authorisation as a claims management company.”

“We noted that Mr Kahn was not prohibited from working in financial services by the FSA, and that the restriction stopping him from acting as a director of a company lapsed in 2018.”

Samuel Nathan Kahn, Manchester, and his team are hungry to get positive results- they don’t get paid unless their clients do, so you can be sure that he works hard on every single case. The more he achieves for his clients, the more his business can build- it’s a win-win.

According to Samuel Kahn, “the thrill, the ecstasy of seeing people receiving these payments make me happier than what I earn from it, to help people get back what they thought they lost forever is an amazing gift and let me assure you it does not come easy”. 

To find out more about Samuel Nathan Kahn and how he can support you, visit his website