Sam Kahn On How To Motivate Your Employees

Sam Kahn is no stranger to managing people and relationships. When running a business, this can quickly become complicated and difficult, so it’s important to have the right tools to keep your team members motivated. 


Samuel Nathan Kahn operates his business in Manchester, UK, and likes to try different ways of helping his employees feel motivated throughout the work day. 


Today, Sam wants to share with you the things he does to keep energy levels high in his office. 

Share positive feedback 

Sam Kahn understands that sometimes it’s the most basic things that can help employees feel motivated and ready to work. 


Simple things like saying thank you can be a lot more important than many people think. 


People like to know when they’ve done a good job at something, because they feel more appreciated. If they feel like they’re doing thankless work, they will feel a lot less good and motivated to complete that work. 


If they know their work is appreciated, they are much more likely to want to complete it, and often to a higher standard. 

Be flexible when possible 

While it is important that your employees stick to deadlines and complete their work in the expected timeframe, it’s also important to be flexible when possible. 

If the day is slow and your employee has a family commitment, letting them leave to deal with that is going to create a much more positive work environment, and have them feeling more motivated to work. 


People can lose motivation if they’re in an environment that has no flexibility or consideration for personal commitments. 


Sam Kahn says that many bosses believe being flexible will lead employees to take advantage of the system. But often, it can actually achieve the opposite. They respect you more, and want to work harder because you show them compassion and understanding. 

Create mutually respectful relationships 

When you show your employees respect, you are facilitating a much more positive professional relationship. 


People don’t thrive when you talk down to them and behave condescendingly. By asking for their opinion on different topics, you are giving them the opportunity to showcase their skills, and feel empowered in their role. 


Sam Nathan Kahn believes that showing your employees respect is one of the best things you can do to keep them feeling motivated. 

Give people a space to safely communicate 

Your employees should feel comfortable being able to come to you with questions and issues, without feeling like they can’t. 


Asking for honest feedback, and letting your team members express their truthful opinions is a great way to cultivate a strong working relationship. 

Let your employees set goals

Including your employees in your goal setting process can make them feel more involved in the journey, and more engaged in completing that goal.

Samuel Kahn believes that rather than telling an employee a goal, you should let them help set the goals. 

Give growth opportunities

Whether it’s further learning or training opportunities, if your team members have something to work towards, they are going to feel more motivated.


People don’t like to feel like they are stuck in their role, and like they have no upward mobility.


By giving them growth opportunities, you will help give them something to strive for. Sam Kahn believes this is key in keeping employees motivated at work. 


Sam Kahn is a professional claims adjustor, running his own business in Manchester, UK. 

You can read more about Sam here. 

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