Samuel Nathan Kahn On How Exercise Makes You A Better Businessman

Samuel Nathan Kahn is a strong believer in taking care of yourself physically and mentally, so you can continue to be the best version of yourself possible. 


There are almost endless reasons you should be keeping yourself physically active, but a big one is that it actually helps you run a business more effectively.


Physical exercise comes with many benefits that help you gain skills that are important when you own and operate a business. 

Boosts Energy

Consistent exercise is shown to boost both your mental and physical energy levels


Sam Kahn is a self proclaimed workaholic, and so he is all too familiar with the need for energy. When he isn’t working at his office in Manchester, UK, he is normally helping his local community, spending time with his family, or studying his faith. 


By exercising, he gives himself an all too important energy boost. Many business owners are working all different hours of the day, so energy is an important resource. 


Improve Your Cognitive Abilities 

Running a business requires your brain to run at a million miles per hour. It’s important that you’re switched on and alert.


Sam Nathan Kahn uses exercise to help improve his cognitive abilities. Exercise is shown to help improve alertness and concentration. It can help you stay focussed, improve your memory and even make you a faster learner. 

Helps You Get In A Creative Zone

Coming up with new ideas and solving problems can take a lot of creative thinking. Sam Kahn likes to use exercise as a way to get into this creative zone. 


Sometimes when he is stuck on a problem or idea, he will take a quick walk to get his heart rate up and help his thoughts flow more clearly. 

Helps Increase Productivity

By being able to stick to a regular exercise routine, you can help improve your time management skills, and therefore your productivity. 


Sam Kahn likes to ensure that he is following a strict schedule, as every minute in his day is valuable time. 

Increases Confidence 

One of the most important things about running a business is being confident. Exercise makes you feel good, and can boost your confidence.

Samuel Nathan Kahn feels more confident when he is regularly exercising, and this helps drive him to succeed in his industry. 


You can read more about Sam Kahn and his story at his website, here. 

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