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Samuel Nathan Kahn (Manchester, UK) – A Successful Businessman

Manchester, August 23rd 2021: Samuel Nathan Kahn, who resides in Manchester, England, operates a regulated claims management company. He has a great level of care for his local community. He has positively impacted many people’s lives from financial help to business opportunities to general guidance. He is also well known for assisting disadvantaged families within his community.

Samuel Kahn has always been inspired to make a positive impact in his business and the world. After over 35 years in business, this is one of the core aspects that has allowed him to keep showing up and continuing to support others.

Mr Kahn has been able to support many different people in a multitude of ways throughout his time. This has ranged from investing and mentoring owners of start-up businesses, to giving people strategies and advice on their financial investments, right through to financially supporting disadvantaged families in his local community.

Sam Kahn gets a real kick out of the success of others, as well as his own personal growth and development. A particular trend that excites Mr Kahn is seeing a product succeed, or seeing a business that he has invested in succeeding greater than initially expected. He is also passionate about supporting an individual to grow and succeed within themselves.

His latest business, a regulated claims management company, was built around the foundations of making a positive impact. Sam and his team assist individuals facing financial loss from mis-sold pensions or self-invested personal pensions (SIPP’S).

Mr Kahn leads an incredibly driven team, who are also customer-focused and constantly striving for the best possible outcomes. He is a man of his word, not getting paid for any of the claim management cases unless he and his team get the desired results for their clients.

Sam believes that the thrill and ecstasy of seeing these people receive their payments make him happier than what he earns from it, especially when they thought they had lost all of their money for good.

Sam believes that making a positive impact in the world is centred around helping people. He often says “helping people can be in so many different ways, and the way that I like to help is to give to charity, and help give people the ability to earn a living for themselves.” He often encourages each of his team members to be the best that they can be to help the business grow and themselves.

He provides many opportunities for his employees to prosper and grow within the business. When one of the team members succeeds, they all succeed. Samuel sees potential in others and likes to provide them with valuable opportunities they may not have otherwise received.

Visit his website to learn more about how to be successful in your very own new or existing business.

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