How to Create Positive Change in the World by Samuel Nathan Kahn Manchester UK

During his life, Samuel Nathan Kahn has been lucky enough to encounter many individuals that have positively impacted him and assisted him on his journey to success. He believes that everyone has the ability to teach us lessons; we just have to listen to what we are being confronted with. Understanding the importance of learning from others, Sam Kahn has made it his mission to create positive change in his local community and beyond.

Sam Kahn is under no illusions that if certain people didn’t enter his life, he would not have achieved the level of success that he has today. Leaving an imprint in both his life and business. Here is how to create positive change in the world with Samuel Nathan Kahn. 

Being devoted to his religion, Sam Kahn has learnt many ways to positively impact people’s lives. His religion has taught him to have faith and believe in something that you won’t always see. Through his faith, he has been taught the art of patience and understanding for all beings and situations that he is faced with. 

Sam’s belief system instils the sense of being looked after and protected, helping him make conscious decisions within both his personal and professional life. Reminding him to give back to those less fortunate than himself, especially disadvantaged families within his local community. Whether that be knowledge, monetary or opportunities that those individuals would not have otherwise received. 

Sam continuously reflects on his daily actions through both morning and evening prayers. Regularly being taught important lessons not only from the world around him but also through the Torah. For example, every part of his religious life brings him new viewpoints and plenty of food for thought. He puts his ability to develop his claims management company with innovative and unique ideas down to having a strong faith and constantly learning from those around him. 

He knows that time is a precious commodity and giving it to a worthy cause creates positive change. He does this through 1-1 meetings to help where possible, he holds these at his home or in the office. Regularly holding dinners, Shiur and gatherings within the community in hopes to change people’s lives for the better. 

Samuel Nathan Kahn is leading the way when it comes to initiating beneficial learning opportunities within his local area. There are many ways to influence positive changes within a community including learning from others, practising your faith, giving back to others and taking part in regular reflections. There are many ways to create positive change in the world and the best way is to just start. 

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