The Incredible Story of Entrepreneur Samuel Nathan Kahn

Samuel Nathan Kahn is a man of many talents. His ambition and drive to succeed know no bounds. He has achieved success in the world of business like no other before him.

Samuel showed an aptitude for entrepreneurship from an early age. He would often come up with creative ideas and solutions to everyday problems that his friends and family members faced. 

Starting his first business at the age of 12, in the school playground, selling watches to his peers, he felt his first excitement for the business.

Samuel decided to take his passion for problem-solving one step further by starting his own regulated claims business Claiming4U

The premise behind Claiming4U was simple: provide people with the resources they needed to make successful financial claims against companies or organisations who had mis-sold them incorrect insurance, in some way or another.

Today thousands of satisfied customers have benefited from Claiming4U’s services while its founder still continues developing new ways how best serve those looking to protect themselves financially whenever possible, thanks to the entrepreneurial experience gained throughout life journey so far.

Samuel Nathan Kahn was an entrepreneur who has always had a knack for getting things done. He saw a need in the market and created Claiming4U, a regulated claims business that provided customers with exceptional customer service. 


With his sharp wit and fair demeanour, Sam quickly became renowned among his peers and customers alike for his ability to get results. 

But there was more to this successful businessman than just making deals. He was deeply connected to Judaism, to which he attributed much of his success. 

Growing up as part of an observant Jewish family, Sam developed strong spiritual roots at an early age that would later become essential components of how he ran Claiming4U – and life in general. 


He often said, “my faith taught me to treat people with respect regardless of their background or beliefs” – something that resonated strongly with many of his customers. 

It wasn’t unusual for him to be seen offering advice about both religious matters and practical business decisions when helping out clients. Such thoughtful consideration kept them coming back time after time.

Thanks largely due to Samuel’s commitment to providing excellent customer service and dedication towards adhering to Judaic principles, Claiming4U continues operating today as one of the most successful companies in its field – proof that success can come from following your heart (and teachings!).

Entrepreneur Sam Kahn always has an eye for business opportunities in all aspects of life.

Growing up, he had a knack for understanding what people wanted and delivering it to them – whether it be in the form of items or services. His parents were Jewish immigrants who instilled strong values into Sam’s upbringing, which would later shape his character and work ethic as an adult. 

Sam started his first venture: Claiming4U – and operates a regulated claims business that provides customer service solutions to his customers. 

Despite having minimal resources at hand when starting out, Sam managed to build Claiming4U from scratch by leveraging his exceptional customer service skills and natural entrepreneurial spirit. 

Today, Samuel Nathan Kahn is renowned worldwide for being one of the most successful entrepreneurs around – but many don’t know about his faith and how deeply rooted Judaism has been throughout his life journey thus far. 


From attending religious ceremonies in Manchester UK, regularly growing up to donating generously to various charities today in support of Jewish communities globally.


The story of Samuel Nathan Kahn serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere; proving that success can come through hard work and dedication regardless of background or circumstances.

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