Samuel Nathan Kahn A Man With A Dream

Sam Kahn grew up in an environment in the family business. Morning, noon, and night there were discussions about the benefits of a family business.

When he was 13, he started his first business at school. He sold watches & other trinkets to friends at school and being a trader seemed natural. He jumped on any trends to help make a little extra cash.

Samuel Nathan Kahn has been living in Manchester for a long time. He founded his regulated claims management company, Claiming4U, with the main purpose to help and provide assistance to the many people in his local community. 

His impact on many lives includes financial help and business opportunities. He is also well known for assisting disadvantaged families within his community. 

As an entrepreneur, Samuel Kahn has always tried to play fairly, even if doing so meant he would lose money. He empathises with others to try and understand how they might feel.

He says, “Pretty Woman is a great movie, and one of the best quotes is ‘let’s go build ships instead of tearing down the company and taking their assets.’” 

This lesson started when I was 15 years old. My family and I were on a summer vacation in California driving to Disneyland for the day. We had stopped for breakfast at a local restaurant, and my dad talked to the owner about how successful his business was. 

The owner said that he succeeded because he followed three key lessons: 

  • Live by the key learnings
  • Work hard 
  • Play hard

Sam Kahn always dreamed of being in business and giving back to the community. He wanted a company with a strong sense of purpose and shared values. 

Sam Kahn is an entrepreneur who knew from a very young age what he wanted to do. Once he was old enough, he talked to his parents about his dream of opening up a business in the insurance industry. They supported him and in 2003, Claiming4U was born.

Samuel Nathan Kahn takes his religion very seriously and it has a big impact on his life. He maintains religious practices such as praying in the morning & evening and teaching Shiur from time to time. He also attends his local synagogue regularly.

He continually works hard to enhance his knowledge and enjoys learning about religion. Arguing a different perspective is interesting and he rarely holds opinions that disagree with others.

Samuel Kahn knows that a sense of purpose can help you make decisions and guide your goals. For him, it’s about religion and family, as well as what he does for a living.

Sam loves music and has a lot of talent. He plays the piano as much as possible when he has the chance. Being a busy family man, he takes every opportunity to indulge in his creative side through music so that he doesn’t ever lose sight of who Sam is on the inside.

It’s important to find your purpose and focus on what you’re passionate about. Your goals might change over time, so it is an ever-changing journey.

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