Nurturing Professional Relationships with Samuel Kahn

As a successful businessman, Samuel Nathan Kahn has to interact with a wide range of people on a daily basis. This means he has had to develop the skills necessary to manage and nurture those relationships. 

An important aspect of business success is how you interact with others. Sam Kahn shares his knowledge, with these tips on how to help manage your working relationships. 

Be Selective 

Through the years, Sam Kahn has learned to be more selective with who he shares his time with, stating “People behave in certain ways to get reactions or attention, this can be through being silly to get a laugh, or gathering 20 people around you just so you can show people how clever you are.”

Samuel Kahn says that he used to be this person, gathering an audience around himself. However, as he has matured in life, he has realised that this was holding him back from true success.

“Sometimes being more selective with your time and attention can lead to stronger and more successful results and alliances.” 

Spend more time developing the professional relationships that are going to benefit you and your business, rather than trying to spend time with every single person who walks through your door. 


When developing strong professional relationships, you need to show you care by truly listening to the other person. 

Sam Kahn believes that listening is important, as it not only shows the person that you care about their opinion, but it helps build a stronger relationship.

With a stronger working relationship, you can create less stress, promote higher productivity, and improve speed and efficiency in your work processes. 

Build Trust

Samuel Kahn believes that it is important to build trust in your professional relationships by being honest and straightforward with each other. 

Rather than spending time being wary of others, if you build trusting relationships, both sides can achieve better economic outcomes.

Showing respect to your co-workers and employees, and working hard is just one way you can help build long-lasting, trusting relationships. 

Samuel Nathan Kahn believes that trust is an integral part of running a business. As a professional regulated claims adjustor, he is often helping people who have had their trust broken from misguided financial advice. 

Sam Kahn, lives and works in Manchester, UK, and dedicates his time to his faith, business and family. To find out more about Samuel Nathan Kahn and how he can support you, visit his website.

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