How to Spend Chanukah with Your Family the Sam Kahn Way


Chanukah is an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. The holiday is also known as “the Festival of Lights” or “the Festival of Dedication,” and it is one of Samuel Nathan Kahn’s favourite holidays.  It starts on the 25th day of Kislev according to the Hebrew calendar, which falls in late November or early December, and ends on the 2nd day of Tevet.


Chanukah candles are lit each night for 8 days and after each candle is lit, a small gift is given to each child. When Sam Kahn was growing up, children were given a gold coin. For Sam’s family, Chanukah has changed a lot, with children expecting a gold coin and a gift, more than any other Jewish holiday throughout the year.

Sam Kahn loves Chanukah because you can enjoy getting together as a family each night to celebrate with a huge dinner.

The menorah is placed in an area where it can be seen from outside the house so that passersby could see it and be reminded to see how Jews celebrate their holidays differently from other parts of society.



Meaningful Traditions as a Parent at Chanukah

Traditions and rituals that we as family members create and share our memories, says Sam Kahn. They also provide us with a sense of belonging. Another tradition is to maintain family traditions such as holiday celebrations, birthday parties, or sporting events.


Sam Kahn Shares Why Chanukah is His Favourite Holiday

Chanukah! Even though it’s not a major Jewish holiday like Passover or Yom Kippur, it’s become one of Sam Kahn’s favourites. It’s about courage! And light. And hope! It’s about standing up for what you believe in even when everyone says you’re wrong, which is something Sam Kahn thinks we can all relate to these days. 

What Does the Menorah Symbolise?

The menorah is a representation of the Temple menorah, which was used in the ancient Temple in Jerusalem, says Sam Kahn.


As a child, Sam Kahn was always fascinated by the story of Chanukah. The idea that one family could defeat the mighty army of the Greeks with nothing more than their own small lamp was absolutely amazing to him. It’s a powerful message of hope and resilience for any child to hear, and something he shares each year with his children.

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