How Manchester Businessman Samuel Nathan Kahn Gives Back to his Community

Samuel Nathan Kahn, a Manchester businessman, is always looking for ways to give back to his community.

Sam Kahn extends relief and assistance to financially disadvantaged families in the community by donating money, food, furniture, appliances and clothing in the United Kingdom.

Samuel Kahn has also served as a governor and a trustee overseeing several schools and charities in the past. As a humanitarian, the thrill of knowing that he has helped people find their way in life fills Sam Kahn with happiness. 

Living within the Jewish community in Manchester UK has given Sam Kahn a sense of community spirit, as the Manchester Jewish community is very close-knit and everybody knows everybody. Sam Kahn has been able to give back to the local people there, not just monetarily, but in advising and assisting in the way forward for a lot of younger families. 

“In my view, we all have the ability to get out there and help our fellow man, it really does not have to be monetary, it can be in a friendly smile, some words of wisdom. I believe that we can all do our bit,” says Samuel Nathan Kahn.

To read more about how Sam Kahn supports his local community, head over to his website.

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