Sam Kahn On How To Build Customer Loyalty

Samuel Nathan Kahn owns and operates a regulated claims management business. Operating for over 19 years, he is well-known in the industry. His company has an excellent reputation for offering invaluable service to members of the Manchester community.

Sam Kahn is an expert on how to get customer loyalty. 

“A business cannot survive without loyal customers,” says Sam Kahn.

Customer loyalty is the foundation of any successful business. It’s important to understand what drives your customers, what they want and how they want it delivered to them. This ensures that you are providing value that they are willing to pay for.

Sam Kahn, has outlined three essential steps for any business looking to build customer loyalty: 

  1. Whenever customers contact you, take the time to listen and understand their needs. 
  2. Keep them engaged with quick, frequent and personalised communication.
  3. Create a sense of belonging with your customer and make sure they feel appreciated.

These skills gain the confidence of your customers. Customer is always looking for a company that they can trust. Sam Kahn wants his customers to know that the company does what it says, and provides them with the best service possible

What does it take to inspire loyalty? There are many factors that go into it, including quality of service, but also personality and attitude. The key thing is providing a consistently enjoyable experience for each customer, every time they interact with your business.

With the rise in customer expectations, individuals and businesses are looking for ways to provide personalised service.

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