How to Value People Over Business with Sam Kahn

Samuel Nathan Kahn works as a professional regulated claims adjustor and runs and operates his own business in Manchester, UK. 

He has worked in the business for decades, and through his years of experience, has become a successful, well-known businessman. 

Sam Kahn dedicates his time to helping people who have been taken advantage of, through poor financial advice. Whether it’s misinformation or deliberate lies from people trying to make more money. He works tirelessly to claim their money back. 

Sam believes that you should value people over the business, and if you value people, you will be rewarded within your business. 

He states “Try to play fair, even if it costs you money. Try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes, and try to feel what they would feel when you’re about to do something hurtful to their business.”

“Sometimes you can build instead of destroying, but you need the guts to do it.” 

Valuing people is good for your bottom line. If you can collaborate with others, this can lead to even more profit and success for everyone involved.

Rather than tearing other people’s businesses down, you can build together. Healthy competition is shown to lead to more success and innovation. 

Valuing people within your business should start with your staff and employees. It is the business leader’s responsibility to cultivate an environment where people feel valued. 

Every human being deserves honesty, respect, care, and kindness. If you can treat people well, you will be rewarded by improved employee morale, leading to higher quality work and more productivity. 

Having disciplined staff doesn’t need to come from a place of disrespect. Instead, if you build mutual respect you will have even better-trained staff. 

Within his own business, Sam Kahn values his staff by encouraging them to maintain a healthy work-life balance, as well as taking the time to listen to their feedback. 

The next step in valuing people over business comes with your clients and customers. 

Treating your customers well is going to have great benefits for you in the long run. 

Strong customer service helps you build better business relationships, which helps improve your brand identity. 

People will be loyal to your business, and more likely to purchase from you again if they feel like you actually care about them. Often, this can be done through simple things such as treating them politely or taking the extra time to check back in with them. 

They will also be more likely to recommend you to friends and family. This word of mouth is one of your most effective advertising tools and can lead to even more business. 

If you put people first, you will be rewarded within your business. 

Sam Kahn has learned through many ups and downs, that the best way to conduct business is to value the people you are working with, and the people who are buying from you. 

While you may dedicate years of your life to building your business, your success ultimately comes from the people who support you through their money and good reviews. 

Taking the time to cultivate these relationships, and make them feel valued will help your business flourish. Your community can greatly impact your chance of success as an entrepreneur, so you shouldn’t take them for granted.

If you want to learn more about Samuel Nathan Kahn and his business, you can read more here.

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